Friday, October 8, 2010

Elsevier's "Science" Label Upon Naturopathy 2010 (ISBN 0729539261)

did you know, did you know, did you know:

the publisher Elsevier labels [imprints!] their "Clinical Naturopathy: An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice" by Sarris and Wardle (2010; ISBN 0729539261) "science" [at least this happens at].

It appears to be an Elsevier of Australia phenomenon.

They appear to have the book up at too.  Elsevier Australia has their account set up so that you can download the presentation as a pdf, and I highly recommend the book's Page 003, which outlines naturopathy's essential vitalistic context.  Of course, vitalism is science-ejected.

So, the obvious absurdity arises: a science book based essentially on nonscience, titled "evidence-based" yet the central framing context is evidenceless [and in fact science-ejected].

And naturopathy's reversal of values continues!
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