Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Naturopathy's Medicatrix - News.Google.Com's 2005 Current Five Results

here, I do an archival search at with the parameters >naturopathic medicatrix< and I summarize the current contents for Jan-Dec, 2005 [vsc 2010-10-06]:

001. lists these hits for the above parameters:

001.a the Journal of Family Practice article "Naturopathic Medicine: What Can Patients Expect?" (excerpted)[vsc 2010-10-06] which states:

"Western medicine rarely takes into consideration the inherent organizing forces underlying [ah, the occult!] known physiologic processes such as metabolism or tissue repair. Naturopathic medicine calls this primary principle the vis medicatrix naturae [VMN], or the healing power of nature [HPN]."

001.b. the AANP press release "Naturopathic Physicians Convene for 20th Annual Convention" [vsc 2010-10-06] which states:

"naturopathic medicine is not new. Hipocrates [sp., 'Hippocrates'], a physician who lived some 2400 years ago, is considered the earliest predecessor of naturopathic care. His teachings emphasized nature is healer of all diseases from which he created the concept vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of  nature. This concept has been at the core of  medicine in many cultures and is a central theme of naturopathic physician care in the United States."

"Mike: It sounds like it's an approach that has a lot of faith in nature and faith in the human body to heal itself. Dr. Pizzorno: Very much so. We in naturopathic medicine have this theme called vis medicatrix naturae which is 'the healing power of nature.'"

001.d. an article from Alternatives Journal by Meyer, M. (ND CCNM) titled "Healing Communities.(Letter from Ottawa)(Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine)" [vsc 2010-10-06]:

"naturopathic medicine bases itself on the principle vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature. It never ceases to amaze me how effectively my patients can regain health after serious, acute or long-term chronic and degenerative illness."

001.e. another version of the AANP press release for their 20th Annual Convention [see 001.b.][vsc 2010-10-06].

002. what all these items have in common:

they do not explain what VMN-HPN is, specifically.
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