Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NDs Snider and Turner: NDNR-FNM-NCNM and BNJ-TLDP Citations Round-up

here, I cite from a recent NDNR article by NDs Snider and Turner which labels naturopathy "scientific" and a "profession" [see 001., below]; then, from NCNM which is home to the FNM project, which labels nonscience as science [see 002., below]; then from ND Turner's 1990 British Naturopathic Journal article which details naturopathy's science-unsupported foundations [see 003., below]; and finally two TLDP articles concerning ND Snider and a false science claim upon the hugely nonscientific / naturopathic [see 004., below]:

001. NDs Snider, P. (ND Bastyr 1982) and Turner, R.N. (ND BCNO 1963) write in "Nature Cure in Europe - The Transatlantic Journey From Pragmatism to Principles" (NDNR 2010-10, p.008-009):

"the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project [FNM] aims, for the first time in almost 100 years, to produce a [naturopathic] textbook [...] by bringing together the wisdom and experience of the leaders of the profession from around the world, the FNM hopes to make that essential connection between the practical application of nature’s healing resources, as used pragmatically by the early nature doctors, naturopathic principles, and their integration into the evolving world of modern, scientific naturopathic medicine [...the FNM is] an international textbook of naturopathic medicine project working to codify the 'heart of naturopathic medicine' [...] the text is in development through Elsevier. The FNM is based at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon [...] its academic home [...donations are through] Friends of the FNM: Charter Corporate Sponsors [...and the second tier is named] Vital Force ($250,000) [...and the heading within NDNR for the article is] vis medicatrix naturae."

Note: yes, those are the labels "modern scientific" and "profession" upon naturopathy.  And yes, mention of their "vital force" and "vis medicatrix naturae" [vitalism].

002. NCNM, mentioned by Snider and Turner above, explains naturopathy's principles in "Principles of Healing" [vsc 2010-10-01]:

"these principles stand as the distinguishing marks of the profession: [#1] the healing power of nature -- vis medicatrix naturae [...] the healing process is ordered and intelligent; nature heals through the response of the life force [(vitalism, in full regalia)...this is] in fact [...and] health and disease are conditions of the whole organism, involving a complex interaction of physical, spiritual [(supernaturalism etc., in full regalia)...with these ideas] based on the objective observation of the nature of health and disease and [...] examined continually in light of scientific analysis [(a 'survives scientific scrutiny' claim, in full regalia)]."

Note: yes, that is the HUGELY nonscientific ["life force" etc., "spirit" etc.] falsely labeled as able to survive science's filter.  This is, supposedly, the behaviors and knowledge claims of a "profession."

003. ND Turner states in "Naturopathy - The Identity Crisis" (British Naturopathic Journal, 1990 Jan/Mar vol.13 no.1)[saved 2008-08-10; link seems to be dead]:

"there is much ignorance about naturopathy [...] as to what exactly it is or does [...there are] basic principles of naturopathy [...] fundamental naturopathic theories [...] central to all these is the concept of a life force, or energy, which is the basis for all living matter [p.003...aka] vitalism [...and also there's] the reverse order of cure [...] as defined by the homeopath Hering [...] 'all cure comes from within out, from above down, and in the reverse order in which the symptoms have appeared' [p.004]."

Note: there is no life force, and pathological process and recovery do not happen according to Hering's model.  The fundamentals of naturopathy are BOGUS.  Of course, once you've laid a groundwork of nonsense, you can then use pseudodiagnostics like "iridology" and "radionics."

004. ND Snider states in "Naturopathic Physician on Her Career Choice: 'No Regrets'" (TLDP, 2005 Feb/Mar) [vsc 2010-10-11]:

"naturopathic medicine relies on the vital life force within human beings [...] you need to be an independent, critical, and scientific thinker."

Note: ah ha ha ha.  Science ejected vitalism decades and decades and decades ago.  An "independent, critical, and scientific thinker" has no choice, if in true possession of those qualities, but to find naturopathy absurd and irrational.

Of course, in 1992-04, TLDP also published the article "1991 AANP Convention: Into the Light" which stated [I have an actual paper edition of this]:

"[Snider] 'we believe in the vital force which has inherent organization, is intelligent and intelligible. Chiropractors have adjustments, acupuncturists have needles, we have vis medicatrix naturae. Our way is to research the mystery and beauty of the life force, in which we have faith. Our power and our responsibility is to bring the life force into the light' [...Kane, the ND student and article author] take note of a few good, solid 'sound bytes' from Dr. Rick Kirschner [...] 'we prevent illness and restore health through scientifically validated natural medicines'."

Again, that science label upon the profoundly science-ejected.

005. summary:

So, what is there here?  There are the incorrect claims of professionalism and science upon naturopathy [whose foundation is essentially science-ejected].  There are 'articles of faith' conflated with 'the scientifically supported.'

  There's naturopathic nonsense upon nonsense as a FOUNDATION.  Quite an irrational project.
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