Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Neurologica - Homeopathy is Absurd, a Scam, a Fraud

here, I cite from a recent Neurologica post on homeopathy [see 001., below]:

001. Dr. Novella writes in "FDA Warns Homeopathic Product Is Not Just Water" (2010-10-27):

"the one thing that is more absurd than homeopathy is the regulation of homeopathic products [...] they do not require any testing for safety and effectiveness [...] the labeling requirements are almost Orwellian. They need to list ingredients – even the ones that are not actually in the preparation because they have been diluted past the point where there is likely to be a single molecule left. They must list the indications – despite the fact that there aren’t any. There isn’t a single proven indication for any homeopathic remedy. So homeopaths essentially have to make up multiple fictions to put on the label of homeopathic products – in the name of consumer information [...] there is no there, there. Homeopathic pills are literal placebos – nothing but sugar and water [...] homeopathy is an unmitigated scam [...] a pure pseudoscience [...we need] the laws to catch up to the science [...] homeopathic remedies [...] should be banned as fraudulent."

Note: meanwhile, ND / NMDs label homeopathy science.  I was required to do homeopathy courses during my ND-school days -- classes I refused to do, ultimately.  I was quite struck by the insane credulity of the student body, the cultic gullibility.
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