Friday, November 26, 2010

Homeopathy Has "No Scientific Basis": Ernst at, 2010-11-11

Edzard Ernst writes in "A Better Pill to Swallow" (2010-11-11):

"[editor] homeopathic medicine has no scientific basis, and poses a grave risk to patients, argues Edzard Ernst [...Ernst] the 11 October issue of the New Statesman [...had] an advertisement in the accompanying supplement [...] referring to me and my work [...] by a lobby group called Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century (H:MC21). It contained unjustified attacks on myself and colleagues, including statements that gave a dangerously false impression of homeopathy's therapeutic value [ was] inaccurate and borderline libellous [...] a critical mind would notice that the two basic principles of homeopathy fly in the face of science, logic and common sense [...] 'like cures like' [...and] that diluting remedies homeopathically makes them not less but more potent [...] these theories are not based on anything that remotely resembles fact [...and overall] the totality of the most reliable evidence fails to show that homeopathic remedies work better than placebos [...and] homeopaths, knowingly or unknowingly, deprive patients of informed consent.[...and such is] unethical [...] there is no good evidence that homeopathy does more good than harm [...] homeopathy can have no place in evidence-based medicine. It is an insult to our intelligence."

Note: hear, hear.  There's more in the article about fake vaccinations by way of homeopathy. Meanwhile, as my previous post indicates, naturopathy claims homeopathy is a "clinical science" [a living example: Dox, D.L.D. (ND SCNM) in New Jersey].
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