Sunday, November 21, 2010

Naturopathy Invades Veterinary with HPN: The American Council of Animal Naturopathy

here, I cite from a recent press release by the American Council of Animal Naturopathy [ACAN]:

001. ACAN states in the press release "The First Animal Naturopathy Council Launched in the USA" [saved 2010-11-21]:

"two American animal naturopaths have seen a need to have a standard set for their profession and have launched an organization to provide certification and continuing education [...] Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason, have instituted [...] the American Council of Animal Naturopathy [...] the two decided to fill the need in order to make available continuing education and to set a standard for their profession through a board certifying examination [...] the organization, American Council of Animal Naturopathy offers a board certifying examination for animal naturopaths to uphold the standard of the principles of naturopathy and for other natural animal health practitioners desiring to be certified in animal naturopathy [...] to learn more visit the website at"

002. the HPN based ACAN code of ethics:

002.a. ACAN states in "Code of Ethics" [saved 2010-11-21]:

"[#2] I will practice the healing power of nature [HPN...last] I will not use misleading, deceptive, irresponsible or fraudulent statements or advertising."

Note: being that HPN, perponderantly per naturopathy, is the science-ejected figment known as a 'life force', and being that that is not clearly communicated on this page in the sense of informed discourse, is ACAN's #2 principle already violating ACAN's last principle?
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