Friday, December 3, 2010

ND Jacobs @ PCTV - 'The Body Responds to Homeopathy Well'

here, a Utah naturopath on Youtube promotes homeopathy's efficacy, while in the land of scientific fact, homeopathy is preponderantly considered an implausible therapy:

001. Jacobs, T. (ND NCNM) states in "Dr. Thad Jacobs - Summit Integrative Medicine on PCTV's MMS" [vsc 2010-12-03]:

"[00. 02.22] we're biological beings, we respond to a biological stimulation [...00.02.42] homeopathy, acupuncture, these types of things are what the body responds to well because they are natural stimuli for the body [...and speaks of] chelation therapy [...and] 'I'm happy to be a resource [and we're given his web and telephone contact]."

Note: ah, that naturopathic fantasy known as homeopathy, wherein empty pills and liquids are delusionally posed as 'profoundly effective'.

We're also intelligent beings, and we won't be fooled.
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