Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some Homeopathic Miracles of ND Barker -- "The Wonders of Natural Treatment" and Its Actual Science-Ejectedness

here, I cite from a Youtube video by ND Barker that makes some huge claims of naturopathic efficacy, particularly by way of homeopathy [see 001., below]; then, I remind that homeopathy is bunk [note for 001., below]; and show the science-ejected naturopathy-homeopathy context by way of the book this video promotes [see 002., below]:

001. Barker, S.J. (ND Bastyr 2000) states in "Reverse Chronic Health Problems with Natural Medicine - Dr. Simon Barker, ND" [vsc 2010-12-25]:

"[from the description] naturopathic doctor Simon Barker [...] explains how naturopathic medicine -- a subset of alternative medicine -- is able to reverse chronic health conditions [...from the video, the ND:] I went to a naturopathic medical school [...] Bastyr [...]  we're trained in a wide variety of alternative health care approaches [...] we study homeopathy [...] we run the gambit on alternative therapies [...] I will often give people supplements, homeopathics [...] I've successfully treated a number of patients with a wide variety of conditions [...] children with chronic ear infections, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches -- all of these conditions are reversible and I've had great success doing that by using the wonders of natural treatments [...] what I use is homeopathic remedies [...] in all of these cases the children are relieved of their present problem and the problems do not return [...and we're pointed to] 'The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living.'"

Note: so, using the wonders of homeopathy [and such], miracles happen!  They must be miracles, because homeopathic pills and liquids have no medicinal value.

002. the book, Cook's "The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living" (2005; ISBN 0975536184) is riddled with the science-ejected vitalistic-naturopathic-homeopathic:

"nearly five thousand years ago the ancient Chinese recognized a vital energy behind all life forms and processes [] animating force [that] controls the functioning of every organ and system in the body. The Chinese call this energy qi [...] chi is known as the 'life force' by shamans, as 'prana' by yogis, as 'bioelectric energy' [...] and the 'vis medicatrix naturae' ('healing power of nature') by modern naturopathic physicians [...] this life force energy must flow freely and in the correct strength and quality for the body to function correctly [p.152...] homeopathic remedies [...] Hahnemann believed that dilution and succussion released a power that affected the life force energy [p.085]."

Note: once you accept that there's a figmentation known as a life force and your alma mater calls it "science-based", I'm guessing it's pretty easy to accept that empty homeopathic nostrums have miraculous powers.
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