Wednesday, December 29, 2010

State of Kansas BHA-NAC Members' Naturopathic Absurdity: Homeopathy As "Science"

here, I cite from documents of the State of Kansas that absurdly labels homeopathy -- by way of naturopathy -- "science" in this here year 2010 [see 001., below]; then, I cite from the pages of the Kansas ND board who oversee -- yes, you guessed it -- their homeopathic selves and who would be the arbiters regarding any complaints of their blatantly false labelings about naturopathy-homeopathy as science [see 002. through 004., below]:

001. the State of Kansas states:

001.a. in "Naturopathic Advisory Council" [saved 2010-12-29]:

"[that NAC's current members are] Andrew E. Hefner, N.D. [NCNM 1968...] Medhi Khosh, N.D. [ND Bastyr 1998...] Peter Kimble, N.D. [NCNM 1999...] Ronald N. Whitmer, D.O."

Note: that's NDs Hefner, Khosh, and Kimble.

"the board shall issue a registration as a naturopathic doctor to an individual who [...] passed an examination approved by the board covering appropriate naturopathic subjects including basic and clinical sciences [...] each applicant for registration under this act shall be examined by a written examination or examinations chosen by the board to test the applicant’s knowledge of the basic and clinical sciences relating to naturopathy [x2...] basic sciences, including the following: anatomy; biochemistry; microbiology; pathology; and physiology; and clinical sciences, including the following: emergency medicine and public health; laboratory diagnosis and diagnostic imaging; botanical medicine; clinical nutrition; physical and clinical diagnosis; physical medicine; psychology; counseling; ethics; and homeopathy."

Note: yes, that's homeopathy falsely labeled by the State of Kansas as "science."  How do I know such?  Because a 2010 Evidence Check was done.

002. the practice associated with Hefner, A.E. (ND NCNM 1968) states:

002.a. in "Services" [vsc 2010-12-29]:

"naturopathy: we have a working relationship with a naturopathic physician (Dr. Andy Hefner) who specializes in homeopathy among other modalities [...and we're told too that] reflexology [is] a scientific technique [...and] chiropractic: many illnesses are the result of improper nerve supply."

002.b. in "Staff" [vsc 2010-12-29]:

"Andrew Hefner, N.D. (naturopath and consultant to the Center): National College of Naturopathic Medicine, ND, Portland, OR 1968;  Hahnemann Memorial Institute, Bradenton, FL, HMD 1980;  Extensive Post Graduate Studies, including the study of cardiology at the University of Vienna, Austria; Served as Preceptor for Preceptorship program at Bastyr University, Seattle, WA."

Note: so, homeopathy galore for ND Hefner and some very weird ideas at that practice.

002. the practice of Khosh, M.L. (ND Bastyr 1998) states:

002.a. that naturopathy is "science" in "Lectures by Dr. Mehdi Khosh Posted on September 9th, 2010" [vsc 2010-12-29]:

"naturopathic doctors (NDs) [...] are educated in the conventional medical sciences [...] naturopathic doctors treat disease and restore health using therapies form the sciences of clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, exercise therapy, counseling, acupuncture and hydrotherapy [...] naturopathic doctors cooperate with all other branches of medical science."

Note: so there you go, science subset naturopathy subset homeopathy.  That's false.

003. Kimble, P. (ND NCNM 1999) states:

003.a. in "Naturopathic Medicine" [vsc 2010-12-29]:

"homeopathy is a medical science."

Note: no it's not.

003.b. as reported by Baker, J. (? ?) in "Naturopaths Offer Alternatives to Western Medicine" (Lawrence Journal-World, 2001-04-06)[see's archive]:

"[regarding naturopathy overall] 'it's just a matter of people becoming educated and learning that it does work' [...and the article coincidentally states] naturopathic doctors treat disease and restore health using therapies from the sciences [...including] homeopathy [...and we're also told] they study the same basic and clinical sciences as other medical students [Khosh and Khosh are pictured]."

 Note: not true.  How are the science's the same when science is equal to what's not science?  Homeopathy DOESN'T work, we know that explicitly.

004. so, WOW:

aren't the foxes watching over the hen house!  I can't imagine that a complaint to NAC about Kansas NDs' fraud regarding homeopathy particularly and naturopathy overall would be taken seriously.  They're the one's committing it!  How cozy.
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