Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook: An Advertising Platform For Naturopathy's False 'Science Basis Claim' - 3 Examples

here, I pursue the first-page results of a search of Facebook [FB] using the parameters " "science based" naturopathic" [without the external quotes] particularly with an eye towards North American AANP-CAND-AANMC ND / NMD practitioners' advertising [see 001., below]; I've commented along the way:

001. today's search results include:

001.a. the FB page "Naturopathic Family Care" [NFC; vsc 2011-01-10] which states:

"dedicated to providing quality science-based information about alternative and complementary medicine. Our team consists of licensed naturopathic physicians."

So, the naturopathic qualification supposedly provides a background to therein discus the 'science-based medical'.

NFC's FB info page [vsc 2011-01-10] links to their practice page [vsc 2011-01-10].

Now, the explanation of homeopathy by this seven-NMD practice, "Homeopathic Medicine" [vsc 2011-01-10] states:

"homeopathy is a highly effective treatment for both acute and chronic conditions ranging from allergies and migraines to depression and concentration problems."

Note: but we know quite well that homeopathy is actually science-ejected in terms of its plausibility and its efficacy (see  So much for science-based commercial information through the FB portal.  Instead, this is the 'not scientific overall in context' [the essentially naturopathic] being falsely labeled science and traded upon.

001.b. the page "Sakura Naturopathic Clinic + Organic Spa" [vsc 2011-01-10] which states:

"Sakura is a naturopathic clinic and organic spa catering to health conscious, environmentally concerned individuals in Southern Georgian Bay [Ontario]. We provide safe, effective, science-based natural solutions to common health conditions and skin concerns." 

That page then links to this practice page with Jones, A. (ND CCNM) as the principle ND, and she states the same "science-based natural" claim.

Naturopathy is also claimed at the practice as "science-based" in "Naturopathic Medicine" [vsc 2011-01-10].

It is the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, where Jones is geographically and of which she is a member, that tells us in "Where's the Healing?" [vsc 2011-01-10]:

"being 'holistic' can go beyond finding the right supplement, botanical extract, homeopathic remedy or [acupuncture] point. It is being able to contact the deeper essence of a person, whether you call it the spirit, soul or vital force."

Note: where is the science-based also the science-exterior supernatural: naturopathy.  So, again, the 'not scientific overall in context' [the essentially naturopathic] being falsely labeled science and traded upon!

001.c. the page "Naturopathic Advantage -- Dr. Theresa Martez, ND [Bastyr]" [vsc 2011-01-10] which states:

"[that they] utilize science-based lab testing."

That FB page links to this practice page.

Martez  states in "Naturopathic Medicine" [vsc 2011-01-10]:

"a licensed naturopathic physician (N.D.) attends a four-year graduate level naturopathic medical school and is educated in all of the same basic sciences as an M.D. [...having studied] the basic medical sciences [...and speaks of the] science of naturopathic medicine."  

So, science science science.  I don't see how the science is the same as regular science when it equates itself with the nonscientific / science-exterior.  It simply is insane too, to say that such things as the supernatural are science-based.

We're also told on that page:

"the naturopathic physician’s oath [...includes] 'I will use methods of treatment which follow the principles of naturopathic medicine [...including #2] to act in cooperation with the healing power of nature' [which is the vital force mentioned by another ND above, coded...] naturopathic medicine upholds the highest of standards through the adherence to the principles listed below [...#2] the healing power of nature [...] an inherent self-healing process [...] an intelligent process [...] this inherent self-healing process [again, coded vitalism]."

So, coded vitalism is the core of naturopathy, and it is not often enough transparently communicated!  When are the highest standards insanity: naturopathy.

We're also told: "we aim to educate our patients."  Quite ironic.

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