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ND Purcell - Naturopathy "Makes Sense, It's Logical", 'Vitalism is the Future' [aka Naturopathy's Reversal of Values!]

here, I've cited ND Purcell first from a video that claims naturopathy "makes sense", is "logical" and is of the "future" [see 001.a., below]; then, from another Youtube video wherein she explicitly states naturopathy's vitalistic context and that naturopathy is "the medicine of the future" [see 001.b., below]; then, I cite her homeopathy proponentry and coded vitalism from her web pages [see other parts of 001., below]; finally, I reflect on naturopathy's HUGELY absurd context [see 002., below]:

001. Purcell, A. (ND SCNM) states [from either Youtube or her own web pages]:

001.a. in "Meet Dr. Andrea Purcell" [vsc 2011-01-15]:

"naturopathic medicine makes sense.  It's logical.  The concept that we are regenerative instead of falling apart [coded vitalism], the philosophy that naturopathic medicine stands upon.  Such as: doctor as teacher, treat the cause, do no harm. These are all incredibly important components of health care. Now and for the future."

Note: so, sense and logic and coded vitalism!  It's very interesting that "life force" / vis medicatrix naturae isn't explicitly communicated here.  We'll get some of that old time, science-ejected, naturopathy-overarching vitalism from ND Purcell in the next video, below.  And, obviously overall, naturopathy's context is claimed by the ND in this video as "the future".

"[description] naturopathic health care provider Dr. Andrea Purcell explains integrative natural medicine [naturo.'s more recent marketing label!] and why she believes it is the health care approach of the future [] integrative natural medicine is the medicine of the future.  This is where science meets the art of good medicine [...] as medicine evolves, it's going to be much more important to look at the person as a whole.  And not just the parts, or a mechanistic view.  Is really going out of style and a vitalistic, whole-body perspective is coming into style.  And for good reason."

Note: ah, so the "vitalistic" which is hugely science-ejected.  So, naturopathy isn't science of the future, it's stuff from the past that is science-ejected.

This is an example of naturopathy's reversal of values:

science is nonscience,
the past is the future,
what's important is the discarded unimportant,
good medicine is sectarian illogical nonsense,
a scientific fact is also an article of faith! 

"I'm an ND, naturopathic doctor [...] I specialize in natural and alternative medicine [...] natural medicine often has the other side of the story [I'll say QUITE A STORY...] there's just so many more options when it comes to natural medicine [...since] nature provides for us."

Note: I'd think that when science equals nonscience as it does in naturopathy, yes, there is quite a vast selection of junk to call nonjunk.  You can make whatever you wish up and call it macaroni.  But, there can be made reasonable distinctions in spite of naturopathy's desire to integrate / blend / conflate all things into a meaninglessness of knowledge type.

001.d. in "What Is a Naturopathic Doctor?" [vsc 2011-01-15]:

"naturopathic doctors in North America [...are] trained in conventional medical sciences, diagnosis and treatment [...they] blend the best of modern medical science and traditional natural medical approaches [...such as] homeopathy [...]

naturopathic medicine explained.  Naturopathic medicine is defined by its own philosophy. The philosophy is based upon these six principles: [...]

2. doctor as teacher [...] we believe that it is our role as naturopathic doctors to educate our patients about their health and the steps necessary to stimulate the natural recuperative processes within them [coded vitalism...] naturopathic doctors are committed to educating you [...]

5. the healing power of nature [HPN]: nature acts powerfully through healing mechanisms in the body and mind to maintain and restore health [coded vitalism]. Everyone has within them the power to heal [coded vitalism]. Naturopathic physicians work to restore and support these inherent healing systems [coded vitalism...] naturopathic medicine is based on the belief [I'll say] that the human body has an innate healing ability [coded vitalism]. Naturopathic physicians teach their patients to [...] enhance the body's ability to ward off and combat disease."

Note: so they love homeopathy, in fact labeling it [falsely] a clinical science on their board exams [more homeopathy in the next section].  But, in this supposed explanation of the basis of naturopathy above, notice that they don't love to be transparent about HPN.  Though the ND has stated the vitalistic explicitly in the second video I mentioned, it's not on her web pages -- though it is EXPLICITLY at her alma mater.

I for one don't feel very educated / taught when I'm not given the 'actually science-ejected essential to naturopathy context' in a transparent manner by an ND.  How can I engage in informed consent and a fiduciary relation -- an ethical / professional relationship -- when NDs hide their premises?  I can't even engage in honest commerce when things are so opaque, never mind the higher standard of professionalism!

001.e. in "What is Homeopathy?" [vsc 2011-01-15]:

"homeopathy is a system of therapy in which very small non-toxic doses of natural medicines are given to stimulate a healing reaction in a person [...] I use homeopathy with each person [!!!] because it is very effective in stimulating your body’s own healing mechanism [coded vitalism] allowing your body to overcome the disease state naturally [...] patients of all ages and a wide variety of problems can benefit from this form of natural medicine.  Conditions homeopathy is effective [!!!] at treating include but are not limited to: acute and chronic pain, ADD / ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, behavior disorders, chronic ear infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, migraine headaches, PMS/Menopause."

Note: so there's the claim of  homeopathy's broad efficacy, and its use by ND Purcell on every patient.  Again, as often is the case, the vitalistic context is coded and never stated as 'science-ejected but lets do things -- like take homeopathy's empty pills -- in that figmentatious context anyway'.

002. some reflections concerning naturopathy's absurdity and reversal of values:

where else can you find such JUNK THOUGHT? 

E.g.: wherein, science is falsely used in supposed professional commerce as a label upon the hugely nonscientific?

If you were a physicist, you'd have to put a minus sign in front of so much said by NDs to arrive at the truth.
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