Sunday, January 2, 2011

NMD Aidun on Acupuncture: Spiritual Energy / Vital Force and Meridians Are Empirically Supported [not]

here, I cite from the web page of NMD Aidun, who states that there is a scientific basis for the actually science-ejected vitalistic / spiritistic:

001. Aidun, S. (NMD SCNM 2003) states in "Acupuncture" [vsc 2011-01-02]:

001.a. vitalism-spiritism:

"central to the discipline of acupuncture is the concept of chi [...] 'qi' or 'ki'[...] chi is that life force or spiritual energy which is part of every living thing that exists. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture [...] facilitate the flow of chi as a means of enhancing vitality and/or addressing health issues [...] acupuncture involves the stimulation of specific points on the body along pathways called 'meridians' which are channels acting as highways carrying chi energy to various regions of the body [...] to aid the flow of the body’s vital energy (chi) for the purpose of dealing with specific conditions and diseases [...] alongside blood vessels run meridians which act as highways carrying chi to different parts of the body. We neither see meridians nor the energy flowing inside them [...] disease happens if the flow of chi is disturbed or blocked. By inserting thin acupuncture needles into specific acupuncture points, blockage of energy can be released to resume the flow of the vital force to the target organ ensuring it’s [punct., its] optimal function [...e.g.] the meridians supplying chi to the lungs."

Note: so the equation is chi = qi = ki = life force = spiritual energy = chi energy = vital energy = energy = vital force.  Essentially, this is a form of dualism posing a spirit-force-energy that governs physiology.

001.b. the science claim:

"scientific communities are becoming increasingly fascinated by the effectiveness of Chinese medicine and specifically acupuncture [...there have been] empirical efforts to better understand acupuncture [...and] of the more notable topics of focus for such research have been the meridian pathways and the validity of the notion that they carry chi or life energy throughout the body. A number of studies have used radioactive tracers [...] to trace the meridians [...results were] consistent with the paths and locations along the meridians as defined in the acupuncture meridian chart [...and] biopsies of acupuncture points have shown higher concentrations of nerves and blood vessels as compared to non-acupuncture points."

Note: the studies aren't cited.  Surprise, surprise. It seems highly unlikely / implausible that well-designed research can discover pre-scientific invisible structures carrying a figmentatious 'spirit energy'.  Actually, it would revolutionize science: science would support the supernatural, in sum.  This hasn't happened.  Nobels have not been awarded.  The universe is still comprised of physical substance.  The human imagination, on the other hand, can create whatever conceptions it so pleases.

002. such forays into 'meridian-biology correlates' has recently been encapsulated thusly:

Ben Kavoussi writes at Science-Based Medicine in "The Acupuncture and Fasciae Fallacy (2010-12-30):

"amidst the plethora of flawed, implausible, and wasteful research on acupuncture and Chinese medicine, a 2002 study on the 'Relationship of Acupuncture Points and Meridians to Connective Tissue Planes' stands out as the height of factual neglect [...] not only millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on seemingly ridiculous research projects, but also the very fact that they are supporting these projects is often used to lend an appearance of legitimacy to treatments and ideas that are not legitimate."

003. vitalism [and supernaturalism] is so -- still SOOO -- 'not science' that it is best described as science-ejected.
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