Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quackometer Does It Again (2011-01-21): "Homeopathy is Classic Pseudoscience"

Andy Lewis at his website The Quackometer states in "When the Regulator Believes in Fairies, Who Protects the Public?" (2011-01-21):

"homeopathy is classic pseudoscience. As are most forms of alternative medicine. Being cowardly in saying so risks peoples' health, defrauds them by allowing government endorsement of useless products, and undermines our regulators abilities to carry out their duties to protect the public. Recognising that training is not the same as expertise would be a good first step. Real expertise comes from critical thinking and having an ability to understand the limitations of personal knowledge. Those are attributes that are nearly non-existent amongst practitioners of the pseudo-medical cults."

Note: wow.  Read the whole post, it's great.  Ah-hmmm, naturopathy anybody?
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