Tuesday, January 18, 2011

spaceScat is FINALLY noticed by ND Maloney [that ass!]

here, I cite from and notate a [crazy, NOT FU**ING PAYING ATTENTION!] post by ND Maloney regarding a song we recorded about him [I find it very ironic that ND Maloney is accusing P.Z. Myers of defamation, and yet engages HUGELY in such with me; remember, defamation is about stuff that is NOT TRUE and hurts one's character!]:

001. ND Maloney states in "Wow! I’ve Got My Own Song Now!" [vsc 2011-01-18; that means video screen captured in-case of slimyness a**hole!!!]:

"as a disclaimer, I never attended U of Bridgeport

[he attended National, the school of 'epistemic conflation' and science-mislabeling nonsense at the heart of naturopathyland].

The individual involved has no specific knowledge of me

[I do have SOME knowledge, particularly in terms of his relationship with MD Novella and P.Z. Myers and their bickering],

and appears to carry a strong grudge against my profession

[naturopathy is as much a pseudoprofession as it is a pseudoscience!!!].

There’s someone who flunked out of University of Bridgeport 

[ND Maloney is now stating quite a hurtful falsehood concerning me, as in defamation of character; as my UB days were outright fraud and I voluntarily left there without an ounce of accusation against me, as in 'left in good standing'; and I sued their Telfon-coated a**es to no avail since apparently the Connecticut judiciary protects them; so maybe we'll just consider suing Maloney for this 'flunked out invention' one day!]

who has spent the last ten years trying to get back at them

[no, I'm more concerned with public enlightenment of that fraud aka naturopathy]

and has now decided I merit not only continued harassment


but my own song?

[yes, you get your own song, no charge -- but continued harassment?  Please, lets not get too exaggerated!  YOU you just libeled ME!  A**...]

evidently I need to be immortalized

 [all naturopathy frauds need such fame!  In fact this blog is dedicated to immortalizing naturopathy's absurd position which includes within science what's nonscience, and then trades on that]

in what sounds like a very cool (ala Grateful Dead)

[I think that's a complement!]

very disturbed response

[really?  I think we're rather avante!]

to my request that he remove any of my information from his blog

[huh? A**!  You don't own information you post in PUBLIC, or that you communicate to me through Facebook - a SOCIAL site].

I should like to point out that this was instead of write back to me like an adult

[that's Maloney's cave-man like grammar, folks! but such is forgiven...]

     I’m attaching links to his original lyrics, because I’m pretty good at deciphering song lyrics and he sounds like he’s been imbibing herbs in large quantities before singing

[actually, my naturopath buddy is the singer / song-writer a** and we're all quite sober!].

I think I could probably do better lyrics, so next time he should probably collaborate with me

[no thank you parasite! Find your own whining ND to write about].

[...] his lyrics involve some kind of relationship with me

[dream on!]

I simply contacted him to ask for permission to reprint a small portion of his blog for an upcoming book entitled:  “ND vs. MD” which would help people decide which path is the best fit for them

[bullsh*t, according to my transactions with ND Maloney on Facebook!  I think our contact involved more than that subject, a**!].

Here are the lyrics from his blog

[yes, these were ad-libbed by Lon (ND UBCNM) as we jammed, the original is here; what's hilarious is that Lon never read anything about Maloney beforehand and the song came about from a couple of minutes of me talking about the general situation wherein someone engages in a public forum and then whine about the fallout]:

“You told me the things you do
You’d video taped and shown it 
To everybody else
and you wanted some feedback
 I captured your comments 
and reposted them in blogspace
Somehow, you think I’ve violated you
And my ethics are in question 
but I’m really not concerned much
If you had something important to say
I’m sure it wouldn’t be so much about my approach
 About my approach to you 
and my handling 
of the things you say that you can do
The things you say your medicine does
The things that just probably are not true
Don’t tell me that I can’t tell you 
the things that I think of the things you do
You know sometimes people say the things 
they don’t even know about
sometimes they’re wrong too
I’m just taking what you said 
and putting it on blogspace
so don’t get all excited about that
 Don’t you have anything better to do
then make a big deal about me and you?
Don’t you know I care about 
the things you say and others too?
I want the truth, not a bunch of phooey
Not a bunch of phooey.”
[...]  here’s a link."

002. I'm loving it:

I transcribed Lon's ad-libbed lyrics and created the song title, and ND Maloney has repeated them!

  It's almost as good as shaking someone's hand after wiping your own a** with it, and then watching that person eat chocolates with that same hand [sad!!!; yeah Mallrats].

Or it's like someone snapping on their own mom [weird, crazy!!!].

The video up at that Vimeo link, by the way, shows a UB I-95 billboard that falsely labels UB naturopathy as science -- to this day.

That I can't believe: false commerce, nowhere close to fair trade, never mind supposed professionalism, abusing the public trust.

That's naturopathy for you.

It's also the cake-and-eat-it-too area, wherein:

someone claims victim-hood but has no problem defaming another quite overtly,

tries to argue specifically but doesn't pay attention to detail,

and where, overall something is labeled something it isn't.

[Hypocritical] Maloney is getting harassed by me as much as me getting 'flunked out' is true.
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