Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ben Goldacre on Homeopathy: Unicorn Tears

here, I briefly cite from the always excellent "Bad Science" column at

Ben Goldacre writes in "In Case of Overdose, Consult a Lifeguard" (2011-02-19):

"at midnight, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority [...] closed its consultation on how it should label homeopathy sugar pills [...] homeopathy pills don't work better than placebo dummy pills in trials [...and] are made by taking one drop of the original substance and diluting it in


drops of water, then taking one drop of that solution, which is now just water, and shaking it near some pills, which you then buy to treat an illness [...] it's my view that quacks are welcome to be quacks [...] I have conducted my own consultation online. Here are the [labeling] suggestions [...] 'take as many as you like' since there are no ingredients [...] other suggestions include 'none', 'belief', 'false hopes', 'shattered dreams', and 'the tears of unicorns' [...] 'not to be taken seriously', 'in case of overdose, consult a lifeguard' [...] these label suggestions are clear, unambiguous, and they do not mislead anyone."

Note: meanwhile, naturopathy considers homeopathy "science".
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