Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If the FBI Went to Naturopathy School [and they should]

here, I muse on this idea: what if the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] went to naturopathy school.  What would FBI find?

001. a claim of science upon naturopathy, overall:

I've hyper-linked those three labels as search tools you can try.

002. that naturopathy is essentially a belief system, categorically:

based upon vitalism, teleology, and supernaturalism [purposeful life spirit, and kind].

003. such is hugely science-ejected and science-exterior, in fact [in the sense of decades and hundreds of years, actually].

004. so, what would the FBI have found?

I think, though I'm no lawyer, that it is called fraud at such an organized 'claimed as ethically professional' level.

It may merely be mostly falsehood, though.

Either way, it is harm in an unfair trade kind of manner.
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