Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Lack of Clarity at Regarding VMN-HPN, So I'll Provide Some!

here, I search the web site of the Connecticut Naturopathic Physician's Association [CNPA] for transparency concerning their SO IMPORTANT defining vitalistic premise of naturopathy, and I share the not-very-surprising [some may even say orchestrated] results:

001. I've searched with these parameters via [without the quotes]:

" vital";

" force";

" medicatrix".

002. results:

002.a. the first and second search structures result in nothing.

002.b. the third search parameter results in the page "About CT Naturopathic Physicians Association" [vsc 2011-02-03] which states:

"the CNPA Board of Directors and its members are to abide by the Naturopathic Physician’s Oath [...] I dedicate myself to the service of humanity as a practitioner of the art and science of naturopathic medicine [...] according to my best ability and judgment, I will use methods of treatment that follow the principles of naturopathic medicine [...#2] vis medicatrix naturae - to act in cooperation with the healing power of nature [VMN-HPN]."

Now, VMN-HPN is the 'purposeful life spirit' premise of naturopathy, and it couches everything naturopathic.  But, there's no TRANSPARENT mention of this on this page.  It should be explained as a sectarian belief ejected from science that frames this MISLABELED belief system known as naturopathy.  But, instead, we get opacity and a claim in the opposite direction, that naturopathy is SCIENCE.  I think people need to make informed decisions, and deserve proper contextualization.  But you don't get it here.

CNPA calls themselves, on this page, a "professional membership organization for naturopathic physicians licensed by the State of Connecticut and for students enrolled in accredited naturopathic medical schools recognized by the CNME" and that the board members are "Ann Aresco, ND [SCNM...] Jen Johnson, ND [NCNM...] Debra Anastasio, ND [SCNM...] Marie Mammone, ND [NCNM...] Artemis Morris, ND [Bastyr]."

But, do professionals HIDE their bases?  Is a profession based on falsehood?  And why is a State in bed with this?

Now, I can cite the vitalistic basis of naturopathy -- explicitly stated -- at the schools these NDs went to.  That's simple.  I can cite how science preponderantly has ejected the essence of the naturopathic belief system.

What's not simple for me to explain is why the citizens of Connecticut don't seem to deserve TRANSPARENCY and why this ruse continues: pseudoscientific, pseudoprofessional.

You do get some of that oh-so-medieval explicit vitalism at ND Aresco's site, yet you get the oh-so-false 'hard claim' that naturopathy is science from ND Mammone's site.

Such irrational simultaneity is the ESSENCE of naturopathy, wherein science and the science-ejected are equated.

After all, "naturopathy blends."
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