Friday, February 25, 2011

On Naturopathy, Opaquely - ND Lepisto in Colorado's Grand Junction Free Press (2011-02-25)

here, I cite from a recent article on an ND in Colorado's Grand Junction Free Press [see 001., below]; then, I cite from the-mentioned-ND's own web page pseudo-explanation of naturopathy [see 002., below]; finally, also from an interview of that ND on Youtube [see 003., below]:

001. Sharon Sullivan reports in "Naturopathic Medicine: People Healing Themselves" [saved 2011-02-25]:

"'removing obstacles to cure' is primarily what naturopathic doctor Christopher Lepisto [ND Bastyr 2002] does to help people heal. Lepisto is a naturopathic doctor, meaning he looks for root causes of people's illnesses, rather than focusing on treating symptoms [...] 'I support people's ability to heal themselves' [coded vitalism, so he also supports uniformed consent, in my view because this actually science-exterior vitalistic context is not fleshed-out...] 'while allopathic doctors generally treat symptoms, naturopaths tend to be preventive in nature. They try and find the cause' [...] naturopathic philosophy favors a holistic approach, according to the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges, and is defined more by principle than method [I'd love to clearly hear that vitalistic principle stated transparently...] homeopathy [ one of the] tools of the trade for a naturopath [...] Lepisto graduated from Seattle's Bastyr University, an accredited school of naturopathic medicine in 2002."

Note: ah, the overarching promise of cure, from the root. Boy, I sure wish this so-called journalism would simply state this: naturopathy is based upon the science-ejected vitalistic spiritistic and codes this reality under a false label of 'science-legitimacy'.  Because that's how it is.  The false label of allopathy upon modern medicine could also have been mentioned as FALSE -- what I call 'the reverse sectarian accusation'.  Modern medicine is as allopathic as modern chemistry is alchemic.  Naturopathic philosophy could also have been mentioned as irrational.  Homeopathy could have been mentioned as inert.  Bastyr could have been mentioned as an institution that labels as science the science-exterior, as a worldview, and then trades falsely on that science label.

002. ND Lepisto's web page "Naturopathic Medicine" (see that tab, because his web page is some really whacked flash code)[psc 2011-02-25] states:

"your doctor as teacher.  For thousands of years, traditional healers have offered nature's own prescriptions [] homeopathy [...] and spiritual practice [...] Dr. Christopher blends this ancient healing wisdom with modern scientific knowledge to help his patients attain optimal health in mind, body and spirit [...] like allopathic doctors (MDs) [etc....] Dr. Christopher's clinical training focuses on preventing disease, promoting health and prescribing therapies designed to stimulate your body's natural healing processes [coded vitalism...] naturopathic philosophy stresses the individuality of each patient and the importance of treating the root cause of a condition, not just dealing with its symptoms."

Note: let's root-out naturopathy, because you betcha they blend.  Yet, for some reason, we're irrationally told that such is the truly unblended "science-based" at Bastyr. Boy, it would be nice to get some transparency regarding 'the truly naturopaTHICK' here.   Homeopathy, by the way, is only about 200 years old, Mr. ND.  And mentioning so much "spirit" supernaturalism is rather strange from someone whose alma mater labels naturopathy "science-based".  Show me the science-based science-exterior!  Coding vitalism doesn't aid in being taught much of anything, either, ND-as-teacher. Again, there's this whole idea of 'regular medicine only treats symptoms'.  Well, in naturopathyland, since physiology is a symptom / effect of the 'spiritual vital force' [SVF] that animates it / cause, I can see how such can be said -- but, that SVF is a figmentation, and the body's physiology is in-itself that-which-is, biological not spiritual.

003. on Youtube, ND Lepisto states in "Naturopathic Physicians" [vsc 2011-02-25]:

"I seek to treat the cause of the condition and support the body's own ability to heal itself [coded vitalism...] on a deeper level, what we're seeking to do is to treat the cause [...] the root cause [...] stimulating the body's own healing ability [coded vitalism...] the level 'what is the cause'."

Note: and, of course, "allopathic" is said.  But, again, boy there's no transparency concerning naturopathy's ACTUAL context, just a bunch of naturalistic coding.  If only they'd clearly explain the science-ejected context of the junk thought that their textbooks contain, people could make better-informed decisions, and actually be TAUGHT.

Manipulation, propaganda, culticness.
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