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HSNP, Vega Diagnostics, and Naturopathy's Supernatural Physiology

here, I cite from web pages of the Hawaii Society of Naturopathic Physicians [HSNP] regarding naturopathy's primary context, supernatural physiology [see 001.a., below] and a member they promote who uses Vega diagnostically [see 001.b., below]; then, I cite from that ND's own web pages [see 002., below]; then, some words on the nonsense of placing supernaturalism / vitalism within science / physiology, and the use of Vega diagnostically [see 003., below]:

001. HSNP states:

001.a. in "About Us" [vsc 2011-03-18]:

"naturopathic medicine [...] practice us guided by the following principles: [#1] use the healing power of nature [HPN]: the body has the ability to maintain and restore health. Healing occurs as a result of the revival of our 'vital force' [VF] - qi [Q], prana [P], spirit [S]."

Note: so, HPN = VF = Q = P = S.  All those terms, equated, I'll express as vitalism / supernaturalism  -- that is quite ironic for an area claiming to be natural and science based.  So, where is the natural and the supernatural the same thing, the scientific and nonscientific?  The naturopaTHICK.  Therein, naturopathy supernaturalizes physiology with some sort of spiritism -- THAT is a sectarian belief, if even of a nebulous kind.

001.b. in "Dr. Ian Cholewa" [vsc 2011-3-18]:

"Dr. Cholewa provides high quality, consistent electrodiagnostic [Vega] assessments based on the system of German bioenergetic medicine [BM]. He utilized electronic methods of diagnosis [Vega] to identify the underlying causes of ill health and help individuals and families achieve and maintain optimal health."

Note: Vega BM pseudodiagnostics galore!

002. Cholewa, I. (ND Bastyr) [whose web page link is on the above HSNP page] states:

002.a. in "Dr Ian Cholewa" [vsc 2011-03-18]:

"Dr. Ian Cholewa received his bachelor's degree from University of British Columbia and his doctorate of naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle [...] Ian Cholewa, ND has been practicing as a naturopathic physician since 2000 specializing in German bioenergetic medicine. He integrates naturopathic medicine with non-invasive and painless electronic method of diagnosis [Vega] based on the German system of bioenergetic medicine [BM]. Dr. Cholewa finds this method extremely useful in identifying the underlying cause of ill health and optimizing your health and well being."

Note: BM again. The claim is that this Vega stuff is "extremely useful." I don't get his listing when I search Bastry's alumni registry.

002.b. in "What is an ND" [vsc 2011-03-18]:

"naturopathic physicians are educated in all basic medical sciences [...and have] medical science education [...] modern naturopathic medicine applies [gram., 'the'] latest scientific methods [...and are] specialists in natural medicine [...using] natural therapies and treatments [...] to support the body's natural healing ability [coded vitalism...offering] safe and effective alternatives [...] naturopathic physicians adhere to rigorous educational and professional standards [...with] rigorous professional board exams [...] rigorous professional board exams administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE) [...] the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education and the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners set naturopathic education and examination standards. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) sets professional standards to assure public health and safety [...] AANP works to develop and preserve professional standards [...] ensuring public health and safety by developing national education and examination standardized for naturopathic medical colleges ['s] a distinct health care profession "

Note: science, science, science.  Natural, natural, natural.  Coded vitalism, a claim of safety and efficacy, rigor, professionalism, rigorous professionalism, a claim that health and safety benefit from the essentially naturopathic!

002.c. in "The Practice" [vsc 2011-03-18]:

"Dr. Cholewa's practice incorporates both naturopathic and German bioenergetic medicine approaches with the goal of identifying the underlying causes of ill health. He uses the German VEGA assessment instrument during most visits. This method assesses the body’s autonomic nervous system responses [BANSR] to standardized frequencies that have known relationships to organs, hormones, toxins and allergens [...] performing comprehensive electro-diagnostic assessments [...] German bioenergetic medicine: Dr. Cholewa tests all dispensed medicines and supplements for maximum effectiveness and optimal tolerance using the German bioenergetic medicine Vega Test instrument. This approach helps him to decide what medications to treat with and what proper dose should be used for each individual patient [...] Vega electro-diagnostic assessment [...] accurate diagnosis is Dr. Cholewa’s primary concern. He utilizes the Vega electro-diagnostic method coupled with standard laboratory tests to uncover the underlying causes of your condition. The results of the electro-diagnostic assessment serve as a baseline to monitor your treatment progress [...] his eight-year experience using the German bioenergetic system of electro-diagnosis enabled him to achieve high success rate in helping people uncover and treat the root causes of their conditions. His skill in providing high quality, consistent electrodiagnostic assessments is what makes him excel not only in treating disease but also in helping people build health reserves by finding weaknesses in and optimizing the condition of the key organ systems: digestive, hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, nervous and genitourinary [...] 'naturopathic medicine coupled with German electro diagnosis offer a new and unique approach to health care. They provide an efficient way to reveal the underlying imbalances and offer effective health building solutions. My goal is to increase the regulatory and self-healing capacity of the body [coded vitalism] to restore optimal health'."

Note: Vega, BANSR and frequencies, and quite a lot of claims of its accuracy and efficacy.

002.d. in "Frequently Asked Questions" [vsc 2011-03-18]:

"Dr. Cholewa specializes in German bioenergetic medicine and electro-diagnosis. He uses the Vega Test instrument  [...] German electro-diagnosis [...] is a non-invasive, safe and painless electro-diagnostic assessment method that is performed during most first office visits. The instrument measures micro-current electronic changes in the body and provides valuable insights into the most common root causes of ill health such as food and environmental allergies, toxicities and functional organ imbalances. During testing a probe is used to measure the electrical resistance at points on the hand, points similar to acupuncture points [...] during a standard first office visit, Dr. Cholewa will [...] perform appropriate physical exam, and carry out a comprehensive electro-diagnostic assessment [...] some of the conditions Dr. Cholewa treats include: fatigue, digestive and intestinal problems, food and inhalant allergies, mercury and other heavy metal toxicities, yeast/mold related illness, sleep disturbances, depression, headaches, blood glucose imbalance, diabetes, high blood pressure, various skin conditions including eczema, osteoporosis, arthritis, immune dysfunctions including recurrent sinus and respiratory infections, menopause, fibromyalgia, elevated cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and more [...] a standard first office visit lasts 60-90 minutes and consists of a naturopathic consultation and a comprehensive electro-diagnostic assessment [...] the following are some of our basic fees: First office visit: $165-245, depending on case complexity and visit length. Return office visit: $75; extended return office visit: $95."

Note: that's quite a lot of treasure. And that's quite a lot of the use of "electro-diagnostic" on one web page.

003. on vitalism, supernaturalism, Vega, and science:

003.a. vitalism is science-ejected:

I've talked about that to death. Check with the national science organizations.

003.b. supernaturalism is science-exterior:

I've talked about that to death.  Check with the national science organizations.

the real energies of science are measurable physical quantities: electricity and skin impedance, in the case of what Vega really is measuring.  It's a parlor trick. We know that there isn't a distinct bioenergy / vital force / spirit running physiology because all the evidence preponderantly points to physio-chemical explanations.  We know there aren't places on the skin where such a bioenergy can be accessed. And we know there aren't routes from those supposed points connecting to organs and whatnot.  That's all fantasy.

004. overall warning:

the homepage of HSNP states [saved 2011-03-18]:

"naturopathic physicians base their medical practice on six proven principles: [#1] the healing power of nature [coded vitalism and supernaturalism...] the Hawaii Society of Naturopathic Physicians (HSNP) is the professional association representing licensed naturopathic physicians in the State of Hawaii [...with] your best interest at heart."

the inaccuracy and irony is killing me.  Naturopathy truly is the reversal of all values: when what's claimed as proven and extremely useful medically is actually what is science-ejected pseudomedical belief / fantasy nonsense.

the buzzer in my head goes off: "Danger, Will Robinson, danger...unethical sectarian pseudoscience."
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