Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Get Snailmail - SCNM's 2011 Viewbook Packet [Absurdity Marches On By USPS!]

here, I cite from paper-based Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine admissions material I recently received by United States Postal Service [see 001., below]; then, I muse on the false science-labeling and how to Federally complain about all this nonsense [see 002., below]:

001. in the packet I received, SCNM states that naturopathy is:

001.a. science, science, science [what's new]:

"Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences is a school of medicine and health sciences grounded in naturopathic principles [...] the principles of naturopathic medicine are based upon objective observation of the nature of health and disease, and are continually re-examined in the light of scientific advances [...] the curriculum at SCNM, as in most medical programs, includes a strong foundation in biomedical sciences [...] SCNM, with institutional partners, is advancing the frontiers of medicine by turning scientific insights into treatments [...] the science of healing."

Note: so, there's the overarching claim of "science" basis / foundation and simultaneous "principles" basis / foundation.  "Sciences grounded in naturopathic principles" means, when you know the principles and where they sit in relation to science, "sciences grounded in the science-exterior".  Really.  If the principles were true, they'd actually be science and 'objectively observed'.  But, when you look at the primary principles -- vitalism and supernaturalism -- "in light of scientific advances", you see that the statement "sciences grounded in naturopathic principles" is absurd / irrational.  The details of the principles are in 001.b., below. 

001.b. couched within specific "naturopathic principles":

"what are the naturopathic principles? The six principles that guide the therapeutic methods and modalities of naturopathic medicine [...#2] the healing power of nature - vis medicatrix naturae [HPN-VMN...] vision: a world that embraces the healing power of nature."

Note: and that's all your are told about HPN-VMN.  The inherent supernaturalism within their principles isn't mentioned either.  SCNM does it here, though. So, in sum, SCNM has stated that naturopathy and its principles survive scientific scrutiny, and one of those principles is HPN-VMN.

002. absurdities galore:

being quite familiar with the coded / opaque / brief language naturopathy often uses as place-filler for their actual beliefs, I'm quite sure that naturopathy's principles / beliefs are not science-surviveable because, in fact, they are science-ejected.

HPN-VMN is the science-ejected idea known as vitalism.  You can find it stated transparently at SCNM, just not within this admissions packet.  I'll often summarize it as a belief in a 'purposeful life spirit' responsible for physiology and health / disease.

Also, SCNM claims in this packet that homeopathy is "deeply therapeutic."  We know, scientifically speaking, that homeopath is quite bunk.

So, where is nonscience falsely labeled science GALORE: naturopathy.

Note: I received these misrepresentations through the United States Postal Service, who I'm going to contact [again].

First, I've go to get my head around the specifics of mail fraud.

The USPS has a mail fraud complaint web page.  The Federal Trade Commission also has a complaint web-page.
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