Thursday, March 10, 2011

Misguided Naturopathy Proponentry at the Times Colonist 2011-03-10

001. at the Times Colonist, D.M. Bell writes in "Naturopathic Doctors Can Keep Us Healthy" [saved 2011-03-10]:

"from my extensive personal and family experience, I can attest to the quality of the medical system's surgical and critical care interventions. But where this system falls down, and miserably so, is in its focus on disease rather than promoting health [...and is an] expensive specialist trap [...] naturopathy shines [ stresses] prevention [...] naturopathic doctors are well trained  [...] they're worth it - and so are we."

Note: I think the disease vs. health tactic is a false dichotomy.  First, we'd have to decide what constitutes evidence: the archaic imaginary, or what modern science illuminates.  Naturopathy has made-up reasons for disease that have no scientific support, like "toxicity" and warped vital forces.  Yes, medicine may be expensive but that shouldn't open the door for naturopathic nonsense.  Isn't it more expensive to pay for magic beans and unicorn tears overall?  Naturopaths, in my experience, equate the science-ejected and the science-based, falsely label the whole thing science, and therein are NOT well trained or scientifically competent. That is not worth paying for, it doesn't even sound worth trying for free.  It is nonsense, and nobody deserves that kind of false basis for their medical care if they have any self worth.
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