Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Mission and an Upcoming Milestone

here, I reiterate my profile at which has, right now, for some strange reason, exactly 3100 reads since 2006-01 [see below]; also, this month I will reach my 500th post at Naturocrit [but I've not accomplished ANYTHING]:

"About Me:

**********Tá mé in amhras (Gaelic, 'I am skeptical'). [Dr. Bob Ironic was my ND school nickname -- an absurd doctorate I ceased after 4 years due to its unethical, sectarian, pseudoscientific NATURE {wink-wink}. I am not a doctor, of any kind!]. I will gladly testify against any ND / NMD: practitioner, school, State .gov entity, accreditation body, accessory and such.


I detail the pseudoscientific claims of the unethical & sectarian medical system known as naturopathy / naturopathic medicine, which I got snookered into studying at the University of Bridgeport between the years 1998-2002.

I also index answers to those claims as provided by national science & medical organizations, & science & medicine Nobel laureates.

Watch out: FNPLA AANMC AANP-CAND & UBCNM naturopathy -- particularly -- claims that 'supernatural, metaphysical, idealistic, teleological, autoentheistic, vitalistic & such unevidenced kind' are scientific, science, & science-based -- which is ABSURD & FRAUDULENT & an exceptional ABUSE of the 'social institution status' of medicine, physicianship & education.

They are amongst "the education robbers."

I enjoy studying the naturopaTHICK: the absurdity, inanity, & sheer stupidity of a 'purposeful life spirit' based system that claims essentially that the scientifically-ejected, the scientifically-unsupported, & the unscienceable are within science; that the sectarian is nonsectarian; & that specific sectarian articles of faith are nonsectarian objective scientific fact [FNPLA naturo. claims that their 'purposeful life spirit ' / 'the Vis' / 'god power within, divine within' is a scientific fact].

Overall, I must engage in this exposé as an extension of my academic duty.

I am a dissident.

I once studied the stuff as an education customer & in the process came to find naturopathic medicine overall to be fraudulent.

When I complained to the State of Connecticut, USDE & others I found I had no rights in the matter – though I was ripped off & the racket continues.

Still I will not pay back my six-figure student debt aggregate induced by naturopathy's academic lies & mislabelings.

I cannot fertilize fraud.

I continue to seek PARITY, JUSTICE, & REPARATION...while I warn others, while I expose them, with whatever time is left.

'Truthfulness is never insolent', to paraphrase Orac."

Note: oh well.  Those words still encompass my ethos regarding naturopathy.  I expect to be a little more shrill in the upcoming weeks, as I've a medical ethics class to teach.  No, nothing has been accomplished but that to me is irrelevant.  

Like in Ben Okri's novel "The Famished Road": though we've only built six inches of the road, we will continue as we have for the past 2000 years building the road.
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