Friday, March 4, 2011

Scientist Brian Cox on the Forces of Nature - at

here, I excerpt from a video up at concerning the forces of nature [see 001., below]; then I cite naturopathy's claim that there's another force and it's science! [see 002., below]; but there isn't and it isn't [see 003., below]:

"forces also cause the sun to shine, they make the ice melt in your drink, and they cause a plant to emerge from a seed [these forces are fundamental to biology too].  Forces are the agent of change in the universe [...] we understand the world today in terms of four forces of nature: the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity [...] these are the lengths we have to go to to explore the forces of nature."

Note: no mention of a vital force / life force.  Since these forces explain everything, a 'living force' is unnecessary?

002. naturopathy's claim of a vital force that survives scientific scrutiny:

I've collected such claims, of the vital force of naturopathy, as science.

003. but, that force is science-ejected, and for quite mundane reasons: it doesn't exist and there's nothing for it to explain.
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