Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The UK Nightingale Collaboration's Focus of the Month: Homeopathy

the Nightingale Collaboration writes:

"find a misleading claim on the website of a local practitioner [...] record the details of the misleading claim [...] submit your complaint to the ASA [...] wait for the ASA to deal with your complaint [...] when you get a response from the ASA, let us know."

Note: sounds great.

"today, the 1st March, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) changed its rules so that members of the public can make complaints about misleading marketing communications on websites [...] now you can do something about them by submitting your own complaint [...] at the start of each month we will be announcing a new area of healthcare where we would like you to look for misleading claims on the web, make an ASA complaint and help eradicate misleading claims [...] as part of our first project, we want all those concerned about the public being misled to submit complaints against homeopathy websites that make misleading claims, and who therefore offer ineffective treatments, put patients at risk and take considerable amounts of money in exchange for sugar pills."

Note: hear, hear.
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