Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Vis at the AANP's Blog 2011-03-07 - Decoded.

here, I briefly cite from the AANP's blog [see 001., below]; then I decode their jargon [see 002., below]:

001. ND Alschuler writes in "Humility" on 2011-03-07 [saved 2011-03-07]:

"true humility - with each other, our patients and, yes, with disease, too – affords us the best opportunity to support the Vis and allow healing in."

Note: so, we're told nothing particular about "the Vis" in that post.  Therefore, I'll elucidate.

002. the Vis is:

according to the same blog, the science-ejected belief known as vitalism, e.g. "are we not supposed to be naturopaths and is not our goal supposed to be to stimulate the vital force or the vis medicatrix naturae?" [saved 2011-03-08].
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