Saturday, April 23, 2011

British Columbia's ND Jheeta, Medicine Without Pathology, and Homeopathy Claimed as "Scientific Method"!

here, I cite from an article featuring ND Jheeta [see 001., below]; then from that ND's web pages [see 002., below]:

001. in "Naturopathy Enters the Mainstream" [vsc 2011-4-23; my comments are in bold]:

"Richmond naturopath Dr. Raj Jheeta [ND NCNM] credits the internet with the improved perception his profession has earned since he first opened an office in Richmond two decades ago [...]";

ah, that naturopathy professional claim.

"'people are clued into what complementary medicine is all about,' Jheeta said from his office on Ackroyd Road [...]";

hmmm, do they know about its problems with knowledge demarcation?

"Jheeta said while traditional medicine looks for what’s wrong with you, the naturopathic approach is the opposite [...]";

some serious word bending here, medicine without pathology.  It would be like going to a mechanic with a flat tire and the mechanic only looks at the the three other good tires.  Seems absurd.  I definitely would say there are many things "opposite" about naturopathy, particularly it's label of what is "science".

Note: I love the picture, the ND in his dispensory, which is a huge revenue generator though not pharmacological yet medicinal!  He's got the Littman stethoscope, white coat...

002. ND Jheeta states:

002.a. in "Welcome to Richmond Naturopathic" [vsc 2011-4-23]:

"treatments are science and evidence based naturopathic protocols!"

Note: ye great naturopathic science claim, which includes what science doesn't support and what science has rejected [see the archived NCNM link below].

002.b. in "Curriculum Vitae" [vsc 2011-4-23]:

"Dr Jheeta is a doctor of naturopathic medicine [...] he holds a degree in naturopathic medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon."

Note: archived forever.

002.c. in "Frequently Asked Questions"  [vsc 2011-4-23]:

"[q:] can you describe what homeopathy is in more detail? A: Yes. Homeopathy is a highly systematic, scientific method of therapy that respects the wisdom of the body."

Note: nonsense.
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