Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homeopathy Taking a Big Hit in New Zealand! Meanwhile, North American Naturopathy-Homeopathy Witchcraft...

here, I cite from a synopsis of a letter in the New Zealand Medical Journal regarding homeopathy [see 001., below]; and then muse [see 002., below]:

"in a letter published in the current New Zealand Medical Journal [...] medical researcher Professor Shaun Holt [...] and other senior researchers [in full: Shaun Holt, Andrew Gilbey, David Colquhoun, Michael Baum, Edzard Ernst] from New Zealand and UK state that 'practicing homeopathy or endorsing it by referring patients is not consistent with the ethical or regulatory requirements of practicing medicine' [...] the letter was triggered by the recently released Medical Council of New Zealand Statement on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which informs doctors of the standards of practice that are expected of them. It says that doctors must inform patients on the nature of alternative treatments they offer, the extent to which they are consistent with conventional theories of medicine, whether they have the support of the majority of doctors, and their likely effectiveness according to peer-reviewed medical publications, notwithstanding individual beliefs [...] 'there is no grey area with respect to homeopathy, a practice which involves diluting substances to such a degree that not a single molecule remains [...] homeopathy is completely inconsistent with our understanding of medicine. The British Medical Association has described it as witchcraft, yet a surprising number of doctors will tell their patients to see a homeopath' [...] said Professor Holt."

Note: hear, hear.  I don't have access to that Journal, and the original is password protected.

therein: licensed falsehood and truly a reversal of all values.
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