Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is ND Fan MD Benda the Biggest Pro-Naturopathy Douche, or What?

here, I cite from a recent AANP blog post by MD Benda who hypocritically presses for "transparency" [see 001., below]; then, I remind all why Benda is an accomplice to naturopathic opacity / manipulation [see 002., below]: 

001. at the AANP's blog "Physicians Who Listen", MD Benda states in "Brand New Wine in the Same Old Bottle" [vsc 2011-04-15; my comments are in bold]:

"one of the worst things about aging is that we tend to become intolerant [...]';

oh really.

"one of the best things about aging is that we can get away with it. In fact, curmudgeonly editorializing is one of my favorite current pastimes [...]";

really, you are a seriously TWISTED person!  Ah-ha-ha-ha.

"this blog submission will deal with one of my personal pet peeves: conference brochures [...]";

fascinating.  And here I thought you'd talk about something INTERESTING.

"[regarding] the recently adjourned Integrative Healthcare Symposium in NYC and this past weekend’s iMosaic assembly in Minneapolis [...]";

"we are pioneers of cleaner and less toxic therapies, protagonists in the battle to provide truth and clarity to our patients [...]";

I believe the IRONY meter has exploded.  When naturopathy's thought process is 'clean' and 'truthful' and possesses "clarity", well -- good will be bad, the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

"Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina sang a song in the '70s about our flawed American political system entitled 'Same Old Wine in a Brand New Bottle.' What we have here is a kind of backwards take on the same problem. If we are truly offering a new, healthier wine, we really need a more transparent bottle."

when a fan of naturopathy presses for transparency, you grab my attention!  "A more transparent bottle", huh?

002. MD Benda and the JFP naturopathy manifesto FILLED with opacity:

002.a. so, in "Naturopathic Medicine: What Can Patients Expect?" (2005-12), MD Benda and his ND / NMD compatriots wrote, quite cryptically:

"Western medicine rarely takes into consideration the inherent organizing forces underlying known physiologic processes such as metabolism or tissue repair [really!]. Naturopathic medicine calls this primary principle the vis medicatrix naturae, or the healing power of nature."

Note: you can expect to be deceived!  Because, if you read this blog regularly, you should recognize that this is the science-ejected 'essentially naturopathic' premise / context known as vitalism, coded -- because that is their MO.  MD Benda, me thinkst you dost protest too much.

douche: be transparent, and then demand transparency!  Otherwise, you are a hypocrite.

and the saying is 'old wine in new bottle', not 'new wine in an old bottle'.  But, I guess that doesn't matter, if  you support the reversal of all values.

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