Saturday, April 9, 2011

Should Dr. Oz Introduce "Bodies: The Exhibition"?

here, I question the wisdom of having Dr. Oz introduce the touring "Bodies: The Exhibition":

001. recently, I visited the exhibit in New York City:

when you enter, there is a brief, written, chronological summary of important historical contributors to medical science along the walls of its first room.  You get Hippocrates, Pasteur, Lister, Flemming, Watson and Crick, for instance.  And then you get Dr. Oz, by way of video in his scrub TV-costume.  The accidental [?] implication is that here's someone of equal or similar status.  I don't think so!  The exhibit chiefly concerns the sciences of anatomy, physiology and pathology.  It is, therein, mainly about science.  The key term I'd like to stress is science.

002. skeptics have pointed out may disturbing things:

at Neurologica Blog, "Dr. Oz. Promotes Homeopathy" (2011-04-01);

at Science Blogs, "Dr. Oz: America's Doctor and the Abdication of Professional Responsibility" (2010-04-13);


Note: so, I don't see why Dr. Oz should introduce the exhibit.  It's about science, and he isn't, apparently, all that interested in scientific or professional integrity.
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