Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New York State's ND Marcantonio and NCNM: Science and Efficacy Claims Upon the Science-Ejected (2005, 2011 respectively)

here, I cite from a 2005 Buffalo News piece written by New York State ND Marcantonio claiming that naturopathy is 'science, science science' [see 001.a., below]; and from her practice's 2011 web page that claims homeopathy is "effective" [see 001.b., below]; then, from her alma mater NCNM [see 002., below]; and finally, from the Quackometer's recent post on homeopathy [see 003., below]:

001.a. in the Buffalo News's "Education, Licensing Standards Would Protect Public"(2005-08-04) [vsc from their archive 2011-05-24; access to BN's archived articles is available for a small fee]:

"[as NYANP treasurer] NYANP would like to state that we share Andrew Skolnick's concerns in his July 27 article about practitioners using the title 'naturopath' who have no scientific, medical or accredited medical educational background [...we are] licensed naturopathic doctor (N.D.) with extensive science-based training in the safe use of natural therapies [...] like conventional medical schools, the first two years concentrate on the basic biomedical sciences: anatomy, physiology, histology, embryology, pathology and biochemistry. The second two years integrate the basic biomedical sciences with clinical sciences, focusing on a broad range of preventive therapeutic interventions: clinical nutrition and diet, botanical medicine, homeopathy, naturopathic physical medicine and hydrotherapy and counseling."

Note: science, science, science.  Homeopathy has been considered nonsense by science even farther back than this century!  But not for naturopathy: their licensure exam labels homeopathy "science".

001.b. in "NHC Medicinary" [practicing with Lim, M. (ND NCNM); vsc 2011-05-25]:

"a 300 year old medicine, homeopathy is based on the 'aw of similars', like cures like. Homeopathic remedies prepared from serial dilutions of either plant, animal, or mineral substances act to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms. Homeopathy is quite a safe and effective tool for children as well as adults."

Note: stating homeopathy is effective is like stating voodoo and witchcraft are effective.

002. back to the mother ship, NCNM:

so, NCNM is famous for stating 'the full monty' regarding naturopathy: notice the science claim upon the vitalistic science-ejected, and the homeopathy included under that posed science umbrella as "powerful".  Fascinating that the practice page of ND Marcantonio that supposedly defines naturopathy doesn't fully disclose these wacko contents, and instead gives us CODING of naturopathy's essential premises.

Note: in sum, so much for professionalism, science, transparency, informed consent and above-board commerce!

003. as Andy Lewis writes in "The Myths of NHS Homeopathy" (2011-05-24):

"I have already spelled out in some detail why such research would be deeply unethical: firstly, we already know with a very high degree of certainty that homeopathy is a superstitious form of medical treatment that is completely ineffective."

Note: hear, hear.
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