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NYANP Reminds Me That May 2011 is Naturopathy Awareness Month [and here is their proposed bill and a few absurd labels from the NYANP President]

here, I cite from emails NYANP sent me recently [see 001., below]; then from the bill up in Albany that NYANP is quite invested in [see 002., below]; and finally some labels naturopaths in NY use to promote their commerce [see 003., below]:

001. I received directly by email:

001.a. this announcement:

"welcome to naturopathic medicine awareness month [...a] statewide event throughout May 2011 [...] events [will be] posted at [...they'll be a] legislative update flyer [...and] press releases will be going out to the media [] coaching [for NDs] on giving lectures [...and the] lobby day for licensing NDs is May 17th in Albany, NY."

Note: incidentally, NYANP states in their web page "About" [vsc 2011-05-01]:

"our mission [...] we want to make it possible for all New Yorkers to benefit from naturopathic medicine, and to pass state legislation to license naturopathic doctors. The vision of the NYANP is to advance access to and awareness of naturopathic medicine in NY."

Note: it has long been my position -- after more than a decade of study and observation -- that licensure of naturopathy results in "licensed falsehood" [my invented term; like 'legal illegality'], and it is precisely the mission of this blog to unpeel naturopathy's camouflage and show its 'irrational and absurd nature' [and I know that is a somewhat agonizing pun, or sorts].

001.b. and this longer announcement [my comments are in bold]:

"spring into naturopathic medicine awareness month!";

oh lets get REALLY aware!

"what is a naturopathic doctor? Naturopathic doctors receive medical training but instead of treating disease, they focus on wellness [...]";

I disagree with the label "medical."  I'd say they get "naturopathic" training.  And this idea of focusing on wellness but practicing medicine is like of like taking a car with a flat tire to a garage and the technician only looks at the good tires -- it's stupid, ideological, fluff, nebulous.

"naturopathic doctors (NDs) receive doctorate-level training at federally accredited naturopathic medical schools in order to be licensed to provide services that include physical exams, lab testing and naturopathic therapies [such as homeopathy and colon irrigation...] NDs fill a niche in the healthcare system because they specialize in the safe and effective use of natural therapies AND preventive medicine [...]";

hmmm.  I went to one of those doctoral-level federally-accredited schools for four years and found it to be a sectarian fraud, in sum, at least from my experience.  Once licensed, NDs practice such falsely-labeled-as-effective [and science-based] therapies as homeopathy and colon irrigation.  Labeling what is scientifically discarded falsely as science, that's naturopathy's niche!  And labeling an intervention "natural" is intellectually dishonest, in sum: a thought-stopping ideological place-filler.  And they love to pose "prevention"...what what use is that label if science and nonscience are EQUATED within naturopathyland?  Example: naturopathy's North American board exam labels the hugely science-ejected homeopathic as "clinical science".  That's ethically repugnant.  They even label the supernatural as within science.

"why raise awareness in NY? Naturopathic doctors are still not licensed to practice in New York. Thousands of people who want access to naturopathic care have to travel across state borders to seek naturopathic treatment, which means that millions of dollars are going out of state due to lack of naturopathic licensure. Not only that, but billions of dollars are going to treat chronic health issues (diabetes and heart disease) that NDs are specifically trained to prevent [...]";

I don't know of ANYTHING specifically naturopathic that saves "billions" of dollars regarding those two diseases.  That's insane.  Anything lifestyle-wise that positively affects such is ALREADY being practiced in the regular healthcare system.  What are the magic beans / unicorn tears that the regular system has missed?  Empty homeopathy pills, herbal remedies and supplements coincidentally dispensed by the NDs, acupuncture parlor tricks, craniosacral therapy mindfucking?

"what will licensure do? [...] there is a tremendous shortage of primary care physicians. Naturopathic medical doctors, once licensed, would help to fill that void [...]";

because I want a PCP who falsely places what's science-ejected as within science.

"what is happening with the licensure bill? The bill to license NDs in NY (S1803/A1937) could be passed by the Senate and Assembly Higher Education Committees this month or next [...and NYANP is promoting events by NDs] Donielle Wilson, [...] Patricia Pimentel [...] Jaclyn Chasse [...] Peter Bongiorno."

Overall note: licensure, licensure, licensure.  So they can have their licensed falsehood!  Lets let NDs legally falsely label homeopathy [the science-ejected, supernatural and kind] a clinical science and engaging in commerce under those false labels. 
002. the New York State Assembly:

002.a. lists these three bills regarding naturopathy (2011-05-01):

"A01937 - regulates the practice of naturopathic medicine;

A03057 - provides for the regulation of the practice of naturopathic medicine and provides for the licensure of naturopathic physicians;

S01803 - regulates the practice of naturopathic medicine."

002.b. A01937-A03057 / S01803 states [unified]:

"in order to protect the public health, safety and welfare of  the citizens who desire naturopathic care, the legislature finds it is necessary to regulate the practice of  naturopathy by providing licensure for qualified practitioners [...]";

I call bullshit regarding this posed concern for the public.  In order to be regulated, licensed and qualified, a naturopath must maintain the absurd position that science and nonscience are the same thing, leading to such wacko positions as their claim that homeopathy is powerful and efficacious.

"it is the legislature's intent that only practitioners who meet and maintain standards of competence are recognized by the public as licensed naturopaths [...per] 'doctor of naturopathy', 'doctor of naturopathic medicine' or  its  abbreviation,  'ND',  'naturopath', 'naturopathic doctor'  or  'licensed naturopath' [...]";

who decides those standards?  The AANP-AANMC-CAND apparatus.  Now, that organization claims that what is hugely science-ejected and nonsensical survives scientific scrutiny and is even "clinical science".  When is competence incompetence?  You got it.

"naturopathic doctors are formally educated [...] naturopaths serve the public as experts [...]";

yes they are formally educated into a worldview that is nonsensical: when 'science is the same as non-science' and someone is calling that approach expert, run for the hills.

"the practice of the profession ['professional' claim] of naturopathy utilizes education and natural  therapies to  support and stimulate a patient's intrinsic self-healing process [coded vitalism...]";

ah, the 'professions' claim and the coded vitalism.  But what kind of profession HIDES its fundamental context?

"[ND / NMD's must] pass an examination that meets nationally recognized test  development standards and test competencies for naturopathic doctors satisfactory to the board and in accordance with the commissioner's regulations [...]";

an examination that quite falsely labels homeopathy "clinical science" which the bill mentions per "therapies used  by  naturopathic  doctors, including, but not limited to homeopathic remedies."

"a state board for naturopathy shall be appointed by the board of regents on the recommendation of the commissioner  for  the purpose of assisting the board of regents and the department on matters of licensing and regulation. The  board  shall  be composed  of  at least six licensed members from the profession licensed pursuant to this article and at least two public representatives who do not  hold interests in the organization, financing, or delivery of natu ropathic services and one licensed physician who is either a doctor of medicine or a doctor of osteopathy [...]";

they shall regulate themselves like the nonsensical OBNM.

Note: notice, overall with this bill, that their actual, science-ejected, sectarian vitalism, teleology, and supernaturalism that defines naturopathy is not communicated transparently.  So, in the end, subterfuge and opacity are written-in to the NYS law, as it is written-in to the principles of naturopathy and a naturopathic education.  Once passed, naturopaths are protected by a law that allows licensed falsehoods.

003. some of the labels used by NYANP President ND Wilson as she engages in commerce:

003.a. Wilson, D. (ND Bastyr) states:

003.a1. in "Frequently Asked Questions" [vsc 2011-05-05]:

"naturopathic doctors base their practice on six timeless principles founded on medical tradition and scientific evidence: [#]1. Let nature heal. Our bodies have such a powerful, innate instinct for self-healing. By finding and removing the barriers to this self-healing—such as poor diet or unhealthy habits—naturopathic doctors can nurture this process [coded vitalism...] naturopathic doctors are trained as primary care providers. They receive a doctorate in naturopathic medicine after graduating from one of five accredited naturopathic medical schools in North America. The four or five year naturopathic medical education includes study of the biological sciences."

003.a2. in "Natural Therapies for Menopause" [vsc 2011-05-05]:

"naturopathic physicians are experts in the use of natural therapies [...] with four years of postgraduate education in the biological sciences [...] appropriate natural therapies based on scientific evidence are then recommended."

003.a3. in "Finding Real Answers to Health Challenges" [vsc 2011-05-05]:

"my naturopath actually took the scientific approach."

"naturopathic medicine is a system of healing that involves a scientific approach to the body."

003.a5. in "Letter from Doctor Doni" [vsc 2011-05-05]:

"I help patients like you address health issues by developing a caring partnership of natural therapies and well-living practices such as nutrition, gentle exercise, reducing stress, herbal healing, homeopathy, vitamins and nutrients.  This allows you to recognize the innate healing power of your own body [coded vitalism].]"

Note: science, science, science and of course coded vitalism.  That's empowerment.  Off the bat let me say this about a Bastyr degree: just look at their description in the AANP's journal: "a nonprofit, private university, Bastyr promotes a curriculum founded in science-based natural medicine [science-basis claim...] with an emphasis on the intrinsic relationship between mind, body, spirit [supernaturalism], and nature [coded vitalism]" [2010-09-01, vsc 2011-05-05].It's a complete muddle of types of knowledge [including the supernatural and the science-ejected], falsely labeled as the discrete knowledge-kind known as science / science-based.  So, take the above ND's "science" claims not-so-seriously, as naturopathy's science is also, absurdly, nonscience.

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