Friday, May 13, 2011

'You Need to Detox with Homeopathic Drops' Because 'Thoughts and Emotions Generate Biochemical Toxins' - Gill, B. (ND NCNM)

here, I cite from a recent article [advertisement!] by ND Gill in the Nelson Daily that sounds like nonsense to me [see 001., below]:

001. Gill, B. (ND NCNM) of Nelson,  British Columbia, Canada states in "It’s Cleansing Time: A Column by Dr. Brenda Gill" [vsc 2011-05-13]:

"after three years of pre-medicine and four years of naturopathic medical school [...] Nelson naturopathic doctor Brenda Gill [...] graduated from NCNM [...and] is licensed by the ANPBC and is a member of the B.C. and Canadian Naturopathic Association in British Columbia [...and uses] nutrition, herbs, supplements, exercise therapy, homeopathy and physical medicine [...] it’s time to start thinking of a rejuvenating cleanse [...] to eliminate the accumulation of toxins that have gathered over the year. External toxicity can be acquired by breathing, eating or having physical contact [(really!)...with] chemicals in the air and water, electromagnetic radiation, on our food, using pharmaceutical drugs and other medications, eating refined, packaged, processed foods, as well as using stimulants and sedatives [(really!)...there's also] internal toxins  [...from] normal everyday functions of our cells [...and] microbes such as intestinal bacteria [...and] our thoughts and emotions also generate biochemical toxins [(oh really!!!)...] cleansing helps to prevent build-up of toxicity and degeneration [...] we detoxify through the respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, skin, lymph, thought and spiritual systems [(oh really!!!)...] to clear toxins from our body [...including using] homeopathic detoxification drops [...] for those wishing to try a specific cleanse tailored to you, consider an appointment with Dr. Brenda Gill at 352-3150 [...]"

Note: hmmm.  Some thoughts: a) weird -- a whole list of scientifically actual systems, in terms of physiology, are listed and then tacked onto that list is the supernatural figmentatious, nonchalantly; we know homeopathic drops don't do anything; these ubiquitous toxins are a 'sectarian medical bogey-man' used to get clients in the door; NCNM's knowledge basis is wacko; this is an advertisement; BCNA and CAND are famous for labeling naturopathy "science-based" yet look at this nonsense like the homeopathy within naturopathy that contradicts that "science-based" label, as does this toxin phobia / paranoia / delusion.

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