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NYANP-AANP, New York's ND Giardenilli, CNME's Lawyer Seitz - 'Professionalism and Homeopathy is Science', 'c$300,000 in Debt so License Me', 'Equivalent Science and We Will Build Schools' [respectively]

here, I cite from a New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians [NYANP] and American Association of Naturopathic Physicians [AANP] 2011-06-09 video [see 001., below]:

001. the NYANP-AANP video "Licensure for NDs in NY Could Pass This Session (June 9, 2011)" [vsc 2011-06-12; my comments are in bold; the video is on the AANP youtube account] states:
"[narrator] there is now a greater push to license naturopathic medicine in New York [ they can] diagnose and treat [...] naturopathic doctors came to New York's capital to lobby legislators for a bill that will recognize them as licensed professionals [...]";

yes there is a bill.  Ah, the 'of the professions' claim and the desire to Dx and Tx.  I have often labeled naturopathic licensure "licensed falsehood", and I haven't changed my mind.  The video may state "getting naturopaths licensed is mostly about saving lives", but I don't think so.  It's mainly a legal shield for nonsense that the state will become a party to.

professionalism is a continuous claim by the NYANP and AANP.  NYANP, in fact, states on their web page "the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NYANP) is the professional association for naturopathic doctors in New York State."  AANP states, in fact, on their web page "a naturopathic physician takes rigorous professional board exams so that he or she may be licensed by a state or jurisdiction as a primary care general practice physician [...and we're told one ND granting school is] National University of Health Sciences."  

so, overarching professionalism and science -- supposedly.  Now, what profession falsely labels the profoundly science-ejected [naturopathy's homeopathy, per NYANP, AANP and NUHS, for starters] science on a supposedly rigorous board exam and federally as well as state-sanctioned curriculum / commerce domain?

E.g.: here's AANP's Position Paper on Homeopathy [vsc 2011-06-12] whereby they label homeopathy -- to this day --  'science-supported' when IN FACT homeopathy is PROFOUNDLY science-ejected.
so, you see, licensure is IN FACT a stamp upon falsehood and nowhere will you see naturopathy transparently informing the public that it has SO ENLARGED the definition of professionalism and science that, in the ULTIMATE reversal of all values: a) professionalism is now falsehood and opacity; b) nonscience is now science; c) commerce occurs by quite misleading means YET absurdly has state and federal sanction.  Therein, false commerce is, by means of a naturopathy licensure bill, LEGALIZED -- and that's  absolutely absurd, no matter how legalized it is.

"[not-an-ND/NMD] Dr. Daniel Seitz, executive director Council of Naturopathic Medicine: 'MD students and naturopathic students both go through a four-year doctoral-level training program.  In that sense they are equivalent.  Both study basic sciences and clinical sciences that are equivalent.  However, naturopathic doctors go on to learn about natural approaches to health care, a whole range of therapies' [including homeopathy, falsely labeled as science on CNME's exam...]";

bullshit.  To repeat, I argue that when science and nonscience are absurdly posed as the same thing -- which is what naturopathy does, FUNDAMENTALLY -- this idea of equivalent  "science" / doctoral-level science is absurd.  THIS ISN'T EVEN HIGH-SCHOOL LEVEL SCIENCE.  It's like studying modern geology and cartography, and then saying that from that cumulative science-basis, the claim that the earth is flat is as equally scientifically true as the earth being round.  Replace 'flat-earth' with homeopathy's magic beans and unicorn tears, geology and cartography with biology and pharmacology -- and naturopathy is doing that same kind of nonsense.

Daniel Seitz, J.D., Ed.D. [who is not a naturopath] represents the Council of Naturopathic Medical Education.  So, therein, the USDE approved accreditation body of naturopathy -- that is CNME! -- falsely labels its contents: e.g., science subset schools subset naturopathy subset homeopathy.  WOW! 

"Dr. Sara Giardenilli is a naturopath who hopes New York will soon be added to the growing list [...] 'I have $279,000 dollars of debt from medical school' [...] 'I can't practice here in the state' [...]";

boo-hoo.  I've an equivalent amount of debt from ND school misadventures and research post-ND school into this nonsense [not to mention what was lost / HARM had I gone another route -- one with accurate labels and actual ethicality!].  I think that more than a quarter of a million dollars for educational nonsense needs A GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION and CLASS ACTION status [more than happy to testify].

"licensing naturopaths is a financial win-win for the state argues senator Ken Lavalle.  It will open the doors for naturopathic schools and keep jobs and patients in New York."

boy, you have been snookered, Mr. Legislator.  When is licensed falsehood a win-win?  When the perps get what they want and the lawmaker gets a law passed, to tell their constituents 'see, I do my job, I make laws'.  And when the marks get fleeced.

so, I went to an ND school bordering on New York, that falsely labels as science what science has either ejected for more than a hundred years or for several hundred years.  Does New York really need that kind of school?  Do the legislators CARE AT ALL about the integrity of education, science, and professionalism?  Or, are the taxpayers merely TO BE FLEECED?  I'm not optimistic.

Note: by the way, the video states "Dr. Paul Mittman, president of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine [...] 'we're spending 80% on easily preventable conditions [...] people want to see doctors who emphasize prevention'."  Excuse me, but isn't Mittman a DHANP?  An uber-homeopath, of the nth naturopathic degree!  Disqualified!  Blaming the victim's lifestyle for all the diseases of the world is quite abusive.  SCNM is as misrepresentational: labeling naturopathy science, stating that within naturopathy is the profoundly science ejected ['danger Will Robinson, LUNACY!!!'].

I've watched it for years.  In fact, they were party to the document that snookered me.

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