Saturday, June 25, 2011

Science-Based Subset Naturopathy Subset Natural Therapies Subset Homeopathy Subset Science-Ejected -- Lane, K. (NMD SCNM), ISYN

here, I amuse myself by citing from a naturopath's web page particularly regarding naturopathy's homeopathy [see 001., below]; and then from her alma mater [see 002., below]:

001. Lane, K. (NMD SCNM) writes in "Natural Therapies" [vsc 2011-06-24]:

"[naturopathy's] homeopathy is a medical system more than 200 years old, which uses highly diluted substances that act to enhance the body's innate healing response [coded vitalism...] Dr. Hahnemann stated: 'any substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person when given in full-strength form, will cure a sick person with the same symptoms when given in a very diluted minute form' [minute is GENEROUS when describing the contents of a homeopathic remedy!...] homeopathic medicines know[n] as homeopathic remedies treat a gamete [not sure what word is SUPPOSED to be there!] of health concerns [that's quite a promise of efficacy...] it does this by addressing the source of illness not just the symptoms. Homeopathic medicine treats the vital force (known as qi in Chinese medicine) [vitalism], which is the element that distinguishes a living creature from one the not. Homeopathic remedies assist the vital force in returning to a balance state and restoring health physically and emotionally."

Note: so, vitalism [and other not-science-supported ideas, like dilution INCREASING effect] is the premise of homeopathy.  A vital force is not an element in any modern sense; it is an archaic figmentation that has been ejected from biology, which is the science that studies life.  Vitalism is a belief which naturopathy, including its homeopathy, is based upon.  Naturopathy is a belief system.

002. her alma mater, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences [SCNM] states:

002.a. this vitalism too [see my collection].

002.b. and then ABSURDLY puts 'the science label' on top of all naturopathic content, including, of course, the science-ejected vitalistic-homeopathic.
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