Monday, July 11, 2011

the Absurd Science-Based Qi of ND Dugoua

here, I highlight quite the contradiction / irrationality -- which in itself is a microcosm of naturopathic absurdity -- WRONGLY using knowledge-type labels [see 001. and 002., below]:

001. Dugoua, J.J. (ND CCNM) states:

"I practice science-based medicine [...] Dr. JJ combines naturopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, evidence-based medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, detoxification, mesotherapy and intravenous (IV) therapies in his treatments."

Note: that's quite a list of supposedly science-based stuff, including the highly science-ejected HOMEOPATHIC and naturopathy's detox falsehood / chemicals phobia.  I think the claim is science-based subset 'all this stuff I do'.  But how can something be within a group it is exterior to?

001.b. in "Practice" [vsc 2011-07-11]:

"qi: the theory of the channels is fundamental to the understanding of acupuncture. There are 365 mapped acupuncture points along the 12 major channels, as well as over a thousand extra points found on the hand, ear and scalp. Qi [...] is the energy moved through the channels and the movement of qi helps to balance yin and yang, balance an excess or deficiency in the body, and nourish the internal organs [...and is used for] 

irregular periods, painful periods and PMS, infertility, headaches (tension and migraine), stress, back pain, constipation, menopause, insomnia, allergies and sinusitis, asthma, chronic pain, erectile dysfunction, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, shingles, tinnitus, urinary tract infection, musculoskeletal problems."

Note: wow, quite the all-purpose therapy.  Yet, qi does not exist, nor do the channels or points.  In science, energy actually has quantity, it is not a figmentation!

002. it is incorrect:

to label homeopathy and qi, for starters, as within science.  But, that's what naturopathyland does.  And engauges in commerce based on such WRONG labelings as 'the science-based science-exterior'!
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