Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swedish Skeptic Astronaut Overdoses on Homeopathic Sleeping Pills, Feels Fine

Clara Guibourg reports in article "Fuglesang Survives Homeopathic Pill Overdose"(2011-07-07):

"[in] an effort to get the inefficiency of homeopathic medicine [...] a group from a Swedish science organization, with astronaut Christer Fuglesang in the lead, took an overdose of sleeping pills [...] Thursday afternoon [...] ten times the recommended dose of homeopathic sleeping pill coffea alfaplex [...] 'I feel just fine. I guess I feel neither better nor worse than just before taking this overdose' [...] 'we're risking our lives for science,' wrote Fuglesang in an opinion piece for newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, signed by the organization Vetenskap och Folkbildning (VoF) , a non-profit organization working towards promoting popular science education, and discrediting false science [aka pseudoscience...] 'we expect Swedish politicians to rethink their stand on alternative medicine's use in healthcare' [...] 'we hope the use of homeopathy will cease, seeing as how it's pure humbug. And above all, the state and country councils should not stand behind such humbug'."

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