Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NMD Kracoff Claims You Are Toxic (Though Scientifically Speaking This is B.S. aka Strap in for a Woo-ful Pharmacy-Based Racket)

here, I cite from a recent article that warns us all of our organ-debilitating toxicity, and coincidentally the authors sell from their own pharmacy solutions to this fake toxicity problem [see 001., below]:

001. "Dr. Gary Kracoff NMD" and Steve Bernardi write in the Milford Daily News's "Over the Counter: Consider a Cleanse" (2011-08-23)[vsc 2011-08-23]:

"the body cleanse is an important aspect of the well lifestyle [...for] wellness [...] the build-up of toxins must be dissolved in order to help the body function properly [...they] can create harm and weaken the performance of key organs [...these] toxins [...] remain in the digestive system and need to be removed through the cleansing process [....aka] a detox [...which] can assist in weight loss, a healthy sleeping pattern and can also improve arthritis by decreasing aches and pain [really!...] toxins are in the air we breathe as well as food and water [...and no matter] there is still a need to detoxify [$$$$$$...] we recommend to those visiting our store to do a cleanse twice a year [$$$$$$...you can do a] colonic irrigation [...to] cleanse the colon [...or] herbal teas [...or a] fast [...] we recommend an all-in-one approach, such as the Whole Body Integrative Cleaning System [ka-ching ka-ching $$$$$ (something like this)...which is] a super milk thistle supplement [...] fiber [...] and a laxative [...you should also buy from them] a daily probiotic [...] ancient faiths [...] involve a purification or cleansing ritual [...] cleansing of the inside of the body is much the same [...to] become pure again, as when we were born [...] Steve Bernardi is a compounding pharmacist and Dr. Gary Kracoff is a registered pharmacist and a naturopathic doctor at Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center in Waltham (www.naturalcompounder.com) [$$$$$$$]. Readers with questions about natural or homeopathic medicine, compounded medications or health in general can email steveandgary@naturalcompounder.com or call 781-893-3870."

Note: now, this toxins myth has been super-analyzed by scientific skeptics as BUNK, and in my view, engaging in commerce wherein fake problems are posed to people and supposed solutions to such fake problems are sold...is racketeeringShame on these two for scaring, literally, the shit out of people.  What other specific junk is here: colonic irrigation which recently was hugely criticized medically as non-beneficial and risky, homeopathy which we know is nothing but an empty remedy which doesn't even warrant further scientific investigation though NMD Kracoff promotes it, health / medical practices equated with religion [which has nothing to do with medical science and factual reality, essentially -- aka these toxins are as much an article of faith / figmentation and as health promoting as a baptism ritual or a belief in a Tooth Fairy].

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