Sunday, January 29, 2012

Changelog 2012-01-28 & ND Video

here, I summarize this week's additions to my public naturopathy database.  I've also decided to link to an ND's video each changelog, to quote from, and to tag the video in some detail:

001. added:

the vitalism of:

NDs Henson and Panych to Appendix B.05.i.c.02.,
ND Hughes to Appendix B.05.i.c.03.,
ND Camilleri to Appendix B.05.i.bb01.,
ND Cheng-Kai-On and ND Kim to Appendix B.05.i.bb02.;

the science claims of:

ND Ingels to Appendix I.05.h.,
ND Zampieron to Appendix I.05.p.;

the 'vitalism is science-ejected' claim of:

Kwok, S. to Appendix C.06.c.;

the 'naturopathy is pseudoscience and quackery' claim of: to Appendix K.07., to Appendix K.07., to Appendix K.07.;

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:

ND Hughes of British Columbia, Canada.

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his most disturbing promise: "my job is to allow people to be their own best doctors so they can be healthy for the rest of their lives

[quite a promise!  implied: you got sick not because this ND didn't have the answers, but because you didn't learn from my teachings and do the right things.  Reality: the body fails, eventually, of a specific illness / failure of function].

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