Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Bye New York Times

some thoughts:

001. so, before a bunch of Conservative whackaloons decide that what I'm saying supports their crappola [somebody say FOX NEWS], I'm not voluntarily cancelling my NYT web access:

it's just that the NYT has erected a paywall on my account.  Now, I read the NYT much more often than several times a day -- I am an old-time liberal and slight radical grounded in the 'reality-based fact set'.  I think it's great that the NYT has a science section separate from a technology section.  But, unfortunately, I will not pay something like $35 a month to read it directly now that I am blocked from reading NYT stuff as much as I want throughout the day.

002. likely, if articles show up on, I'll be able to read the content.  But, as a born-New Yorker, the NYT has been my go-to source for decades of my life.

Note: I'm grateful that the NYT gave me a free year of web subscription before all of this just happened today. But, in this economy, I'M NOT PAYING.

so, therein, I'm changing my browser home page from the NYT homepage to the homepage [I don't believe in teasing myself with thing I can't read on my PC, phone, or Kindle Fire - all of which I use in a day].

I wish NYT the best, in this tough era of 'old media' versus 'new media.'  I really hope they keep up their very astute reporting.

and, therein, my patience being thinned out to an extreme: sayonnara, 'southern Yankee break my heart...'.

I regret that the 'paper' couldn't get an advertising revenue stream to accommodate my usage of their resources.


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