Sunday, February 12, 2012

Representing Naturopathy Opaquely: Vancouver NDs Lescanec and Vayali

here, I illustrate naturopathy's typical communication pattern: selectively representing itself without true transparency regarding its context [see 001., below]; then I go the the NDs' alma maters to reveal the whole truth [see 002., below]:

001. the Vancouver Observer states as "sponsored content" [aka an ad] in "Cleansing with Naturopathic Medicine at Hollyhock this June!" [vsc 2012-02-12]:

"naturopathic doctors Dr. Heidi Lescanec [NCNM 2003] & Dr. Thara Vayali [BINM 2011...will help you] expand your 'clean food' culinary repertoire [...] naturopathic medicine is rooted in six main principles: [#1] first, do no harm - experienced guides can ensure that you choose techniques that are safe for your body; [#2] nature is a healing power - nature comes to the forefront as a healing power [HPN] in the beautiful venue of Hollyhock, combined with using natural therapies and eating clean, nutritious food."

Note: and that's all you are told.

002. lets go to their schools for what HPN means:

002.a. via NCNM:

we learn that HPN is the science-ejected context of vitalism.  This is the absurd page wherein we're told of the sectarian basis = vitalism = spiritism of naturopathy and that such survives rigorous scientific scrutiny.

002.b. via BINM:

we don't learn that HPN is the science-ejected context of vitalism.  Instead, we're told naturopathy is -- quite falsely -- "evidence-based" [vsc 2012-02-12] aka evidence-based subset naturopathy subset homeopathy.  Their vitalism is here, of course, buried in their web pages but not transparently communicated on their own actual definition page.

Note: NCNM is, of course, the trunk of the naturopathic tree, and therein, the Rosetta Stone one should use to decode naturopathic disgusting opacity!
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