Friday, March 30, 2012

Australian Naturopath Hayden Keys: Science Subset Naturopathy Subset Iridology [Overset Bullsh*t!]

here, I cite from web pages by a Sydney, Australia naturopath who broadly claims naturopathy is "science" and employs iridology [see 001., below]; but iridology is as scientific as the Tooth Fairy [see 002., below]:

001. Keys, H. (ND{AU} UWS) states that:

001.a. naturopathy is science:

001.a1. in "Hayden Keys" [vsc 2012-01-03] :

"I'm Hayden Keys, I'm a naturopath and I graduated with distinction from the University of Western Sydney. I hold a bachelor of health science, majoring in naturopathy."

Note: ah, science subset naturopathy!

001.a2. in "Natural Medicine Therapies" [vsc 2012-01-03]:

"naturopathy is the science of healing [...] as I mentioned earlier naturopathy is the science of healing."

Note: ditto, ditto.

"Sydney Naturopath and owner of Happy Healthy & Wellbeing Center Hayden Keys explains 'naturopathy is the science of healing'."

Note: and that is quite a broad categorization of 'the naturopathic' as "science".

001.b. naturopathy contains iridology:

001.b1. in "Iridology Sydney" [vsc 2012-03-30]:

now, there's no text right now on that page.  But, the web page menu and address places iridology with "therapies".

Note: but if iridology is anything, it is a DIAGNOSTIC...but...

002. the truth behind the truth regarding iridology and science:

002.a. Wikipedia's [quite pedestrian!] in "Iridology" states:

"as opposed to evidence-based medicine, iridology is not supported by quality research studies and is widely considered pseudoscience [...] the majority of medical doctors reject all the claims of all branches of iridology and label them as pseudoscience or even quackery [...] well controlled scientific evaluation of iridology has shown entirely negative results, with all rigorous double blind tests failing to find any statistical significance to its claims."

Note: simply stated, iridology DOESN'T WORK.  And, in that sense, a science claim upon such nonsense...

is typical of naturopathy.

Here's the ND's alma mater, stating 'science subset naturopathy subset iridology.'
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