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Changelog 2012-03-04 & ND Video

here, I summarize this week's additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

001. added:

the vitalism of:
*ND Streich to Appendix B.05.i.i.03.;
ND Smith, M. to Appendix B.05.i.i.02.;
North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians to Appendix B.03.;
ND Tam to Appendix B.05.i.k.;

the science claims of:
*ND Streich to Appendix I.05.o.;
ND Said to Appendix I.05.o.;
ND Saine to Appendix I.05.o.;
ND SaltPaw to Appendix I.05.o.;
ND Brustoski to Appendix I.05.b.;
ND Brown to  to Appendix I.05.b.;
ND Branter  to Appendix I.05.b.;
ND Jahn to Appendix I.05.h.;
ND Jensen to Appendix I.05.h.;
ND Johnson to Appendix I.05.h.;
ND Jones, A. to Appendix I.05.h.;
ND Jones, D.D. to Appendix I.05.h.;
NDs Bachewich, Beatty, Hembroff, Klemm, Leppelmann, Morden, Storm to Appendix I.05.b.;
ND Bethune to Appendix I.05.b.;
 NDs Born, Jones, Stagg, Yimoyines to Appendix I.05.b.;
ND Brady to Appendix I.05.b.;
ND Branin to Appendix I.05.b.;

*ND Streich is an interesting microcosm of the whole 'absurdity' aspect of naturopathy: claiming naturopathy is "firmly science-based" yet invoking qi, practicing homeopathy and Unda detoxification for a host of pathologies.;

the vitalism is debunked claims of:

Cahen, D. (PhD NU) and Ginley, D.S. (PhD MIT) to Appendix C.06.b.;

the 'naturopathy is pseudoscience and quackery' claim of:

The Atlantic to Appendix K.07.;
by the way, which I thought was TRASH];

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:

the "vital force" 2011 Australian naturopathic movie by Carlos I. Urdiales Salazar ND, currently on Youtube, as "Vital Force Documentary, Rediscovering Health the Natural Way" [saved 2012-02-26; the trailer is here; my tags and excerpts follow the embed link below]:

#BHSc(Naturopathy) #BHSc(Nat) #iridology #pseudoscience #Australianaturopathy
#homeopathy #evicencebasednonsense #pseudohistory #orgone #pseudobiology
According the ND Salazar, the NDs in this film are:

"Amie Steel ND [...] Christine Sinclair N.D. [...] Randa Karzon N.D. [...] David Casteliejn N.D. [...] John Bartlett N.D. [...] Justin Sinclair N.D. [...] Spero Tsindos  N.D. [...] Carlos I. Urdiales Salazar N.D. [...who have on average the degree] BHSc(Naturopathy) [...or] BHSc(Nat) [...or] BHSc(Naturopathy / Nutritional Medicine) [...and such things as] Dip Homeopathy [...] Adv Dip Nat [...] MApplSc(Acu) [...and use such things as] naturopathic diagnostic tools (iridology, nail and tongue analysis) [...and we're told stuff like] I use iridology as part of the initial assessment to gain an insight into the overall functioning of the major body systems and their inter-relationships [per Casteliejn, also said here)...and who speak of such things as] evidence-based naturopathic practice [...] evidence-based clinical practice principles [...and] evidence-based textbooks."

Note: NDs Steel, Casteliejn, and J. Sinclair [who has a "bachelor of health science (naturopathy) with the University of New England" -- therein the claim science subset naturopathy], practice together here.  I believe this is a picture of iridology in process there. ND Steel [and here] sells an "Embrace Holistic Services Homeopathic Birthing Kit" and claims overall science subset naturopathy [vsc both 2012-02-28]; ND Karzon informs us NDs have a "science degree" [saved 2012-02-28].

I am hoping I haven't wrongly attributed a little of what's below.  If so, someone let me know and I'll check it and correct it -- though I'm not really particularly looking forward to watching this ]archived] nuttiness again [my notes are in unquoted bold]:

"[Carlos I. Urdiales Salazar ND, shown in a white lab coat with a stethoscope, mentions naturopathy's principles including] the healing power of nature (vis medicatrix naturae) [...and asks] is herbal medicine scientific? [...] the aspect that amazed me the most and the whole reason I decided to jump and dive into this topic is that common denominator, that mysterious concept that you can find in every traditional medicine system throughout history [...] this concept [...] pneuma [...] chi [...] ki [...] prana [...] chulel [...] sekem [...] orgone [...a concept] widely used in the world of traditional alternative medicine [...] today it is called vital force [...] this entity [...] what exactly is the vital force?  [...]";

so there we go, a bunch of synonyms for naturopathy's basic concept: HPN = VMN = CD = P = C = K = P = C =S = O = VF = TE = VF!

Justin Sinclair, ND:

"[who has the most ANNOYING set of finger and thumb rings I've ever seen...says vital force is] different for every person  [...] imagine [...] an engine [...needs petrol which] animates the structure [...] without the vital force it [the human body] would not be animated [...and speaks of] the ancient alchemist [...who regarded]  the life force or vital force that animates the physical body [...] when the vital force leaves the body that's when death occurs [...] it is life [...] he gave up the ghost, the vital force that animated the body had left, and therefore the body had died [...] vitality [...]";

so, there are more synonyms: VF = LF = L = G = V.  The emphasis on "anim" reminds me of the lineage of the idea: animism, animatism etc.;

"[he continues] it's not something that can be quantified [...] just because you can't prove it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist [...]";

ah, yes.  That 'I know about it though no measures are possible.'  So, genius, how do you know about it?  Simple: you don't KNOW about it, you imagine it.  By the way, in stating the esoteric / mystical nature of this 'healing power of nature', it therefore is quite improper to label it 'energy'.  Energy is a scientific concept: quantified, existent.  The other aspect of vital force is simply this: there is no need for it to explain ANYTHING in biology!!!  It is a science-ejected archaic place-filler for actual knowledge that is arrived at through analysis;

"[he also asks] is herbal medicine scientific or nonscientific? [...] modern science [...] the scientific method, experimentation, double-blind placebo controlled studies [...] it might not have been to that standard [...yet] to think that science didn't come about until the scientific revolution is nonsense and anyone that tells you this is foolish [...]";

so, this ND who poses in the film that cave men and dinosaurs were coexistent is going to lecture us about the history of science!  So, the actual development of science is annulled, and we're called fools for observing that until science actually came about -- which in truth is rather recent in human history -- what people knew was PRESCIENTIFIC.  How perverse.

"the same ideas, the same concepts that we still hold dear today in the scientific model have been used all the way since Aristotle, the Pythagoreans, and Hippocrates and all of these great minds.  They were scientific minds [...] Hippocrates separated disease from the gods [...via his] scientific method [] is it scientific or is it nonscientific?  It's both [...]";

and there we go: the science that is the nonscience actually that is science SOMETIMES.  This is how NDs think: they conflate, the present muddle dual statuses that are needlessly confused.  Simply put: until something is tested by the methods of modern science, it is not simply because you say so...scientific.

"the problem with science is that it has these blinkers on [...]";

yes, there are thing that science does not include.

"[and ironically we're told] there's no place for arrogance in healthcare [...]  I feel so sorry for our medical brethren [...] I can do whatever I want [...]";

hmmm.  Said the arrogant, condescending,  naturopath?

P. Spero Tsindos, ND:

"vital force is an intangible thing, really, but without it you are dead, and Hahnemann said that quite clearly in the Organon [...] this thing of animation [...] all the traditional therapies use that kind of underpinning [...] chi [...] prana [...] innate intelligence [...] in homeopathy what you are doing is you're stimulating the vital force.  The vital force is the thing that is supposed to maintain equilibrium in the body.  Homeostasis [...] you encourage the vital force, you stimulate the vital force to restore balance [...] homeopathy's a nudge [...] enough to stimulate the vital force [...] lo and behold it works";

so, there are more synonyms: VF = TA = C = P = II;

Amie Steel, ND:

"vital force is I guess the energy that infuses all living things.  It's a subtle energy force, it's not something that we have yet got the instruments that clearly measures very well [...] that's not to say it's not there [...from] a biological point of view, it creates that connection, that synergy between cells and allows them to coordinate together and all of that kind of stuff.  That's the vital force [...]";

actually, from a biological point of view it is unnecessary and particularly if it has been unmeasured, it ain't within the biological point of view at all;

 "[she continues] a naturopath I guess in what is the current training of naturopathy is a bachelor level of qualification they are trained as a health practitioner, in clinical medicine, disease, differential diagnosis, anatomy and physiology, all the fundamental basics required for them to be able to competently work with people in a health related area [...] the tools that are utilized [...include] herbal medicine [...] nutritional medicine [...] orthomolecular nutrition [...] iridology [...a] diagnostic tool [and they show an iris chart...] it's build upon this under-pining foundation of understanding the human body, human physiology and those sorts of things [...]";

NDs: highly trained in conflating science and nonsense, and marching on.  Competent????  IRIDOLOGY???;

John Bartlett, ND:

"[vital force is] that innate, internal, regulatory force which drives our spirit, our body, and our emotions and mental functioning [...] vitality, vital force -- you can't find vitality [...] Hippocrates [...] a vital force beyond the physical [...]";


"[and here's quite an admission] natural medicine has been dogged by a lot of myths and bogus pseudoscience over the years, there's no doubt about that -- and a lot of its deservedly so [...]";

with quite a self-satisfied smile.

Christine Sinclair, ND:

"when we use the concept of vital force this is a term that is synonymous with vitality, or energy, or spirit [...] chi [...] prana [...] life itself [...] energy [...]";

and there we are: spirit = dualistic figmentation.

David Casteleijn, ND:

"[regarding vital force] its very hard to put into words [...] that devalues it [...] words don't really do it justice [...]";


"there is a lot of evidence for things we do: the clinical naturopathy text that was recently published in 2010 [by Sarris and Wardle].  That text is significant evidence of the body of evidence there is to support what we do [...with] over 4000 references [he has a chapter in it...] there's plenty evidence out there [...paraphrasing Lesle Braun] 'for someone to say that there isn't evidence supporting what we do you either have to be not looking or you don't want to look because it is there' [...]";

quite the science claim.

Randa Karzon, ND:

"their vitality [...] energy [...] chi [...] this is where naturopaths specifically will actually hone in on the state of a person's vitality [...and a disease like] psoriasis [...apparently is due to someone being] repulsed at who they are [...their] negative thought [...] it manifests."

end of film notes.

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