Thursday, April 5, 2012

ND O'Dell: Science Subset Naturopathy Subset Nonsense / 'The Essentially Naturopathic'

here, I quote from a 2011 audio interview by New Hampshire naturopath O'Dell wherein we are informed that naturopathy is contextually 'of the science-ejected' yet she claims too that naturopathy overall is simultaneously scientific [see 001., below]; then, I look at the language used to describe naturopathy by her New Hampshire AANP association [see 002., below]:

001.a. the science-ejected 'nature' of naturopathy:

"our main philosophy is that we realize that the body has the ability to heal itself when it's given what it needs.  Whether you call it your vis, your chi, your prana, your life force […] the life force [...] your vital force [] the healing power of nature, the energy […] your goal is to heal at the core […] really helping in the holistic fashion."

Note: I've been collecting scientific sources regarding this simple fact that for several decades vitalism is science-exterior.  It is as science-exterior as the Tooth Fairy and the concept of phlogiston.

001.b. a supposed fully-accredited doctoral-level science status to naturopathy:

"[went to] Bastyr University [...getting] a four-year medical degree [...and is] board certified [] naturopathic medicine [...] an accredited doctorate program [...with NDs] licensed [...] primary care providers [...a central principle is] the doctor is the teacher […Bastyr] is very scientifically based [...] research based, scientifically based [...] everything we are taught is backed up."

Note: fascinating!  Except for the fact that the CENTRAL framing concept of naturopathy, this "life force", is science-ejected!  This is fully accredited licensed falsehood, in my view, in terms of the 'essentially naturopathic contextually'!  Also,  on that same ND O'Dell page we're told textually:

 "we use science based protocols including [...] homeopathic medicines."  And there you go, more nonsense in a tuxedo.

002. the New Hampshire Association of states in "About Naturopathic Health Care" [vsc 2012-04-05]:

"naturopathic doctors are trained at accredited, four-year, post-graduate, residential naturopathic medical programs. The training consists of comprehensive study of the conventional medical sciences [...] the naturopathic medical profession’s infrastructure includes [...] a commitment to state-of-the-art scientific research [...] naturopathic doctors are guided by six principles [...including #2] the healing power of nature [aka 'vis medicatrix naturae'...] doctor as teacher [...] this set of principles, emphasized throughout a naturopathic doctor’s training, outlines the philosophy guiding the naturopathic approach to health and healing and forms the foundation of this distinct health care practice."

Note: I think the promise therein is that their science as a label is actual science.  But, it isn't, in terms of theories like vitalism falsely labeled science.  They claim a scientific commitment, but in all the years I've been observing, they haven't published a single experiment regarding this supposed in-evidence vital force.  So, I'd say that vitalism is throughout naturopathy just like all that weird stuff in a fruitcake is throughout the fruitcake. And, in sum, the essence of naturopathy is logically absurd: science subset nonsense.  I also call this the naturopathillogical.

And you have to wonder, in terms of patients and students: how long with this miseducation by these 'doctors as teachers' go on?

003. yet, licensed falsehood marches on!
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