Monday, May 7, 2012

Changelog 2012-05-06 and ND Video:

here, I summarize this week's additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

001. added:

the vitalism of:

the North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians 

the science claims of:

the North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians

ND Daenell; ND DeLuca, H.;NDs Dortero, Fraser, Oldfield, Whittington

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:


[#posedempowerment #posedinformedconsent #TCM #acupuncture #integrativemedicine #naturalperspective]

"[from the description] Medcan's Integrative Medicine program provides clients with the care and information needed to maximize their bodies' ability to heal. When you understand and address the reasons for disease, you can begin to provide your body with the tools necessary to restore your best health [...from the video, ND Klinck] a naturopathic doctor is trained in a four-year medical model that includes conventional medical training as well as that from a natural perspective [] traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture [etc....] any concern that you would bring to your medical doctor you could also bring to a naturopathic doctor  [...] integrative medicine [...] this allows our patients to make an informed and empowered decision when it comes to the best choice, the best option for their health care";

Note: so, when is the best option 'wine plus mud posed as wine...naturopathy.'
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