Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Supposed Vaccinosis: ND Clinton's Solution, 'My Supplement'

here, I cite from a ND's recent post at mothering.com that, in my opinion, plays on unwarranted fears of 'general vaccination complications' and may exaggerate the benefit of supplementation for otherwise normally nourished pediatric populations [see 001., below]; and, I wonder what Paul Offit would say [see 002., below]:

"Catherine Clinton is a board certified naturopathic physician, currently practicing in Oregon [...] with the birth of her son in 2009, Dr. Clinton turned her focus to pediatric health and founded the supplement company WellFuture. Seeing an urgent need for nutritional support to meet the needs and challenges of today’s children [...]";

now, naturopathic board certification is not what most would believe it is.  It is merely Oregon licensure as an ND PCP. In the land of MD / DO medicine, board certification is a specialty qualification.  Do not mistake this ND for a pediatrician, therein.  She is not a board certified pediatrician.  I can't say whether the difference is being deliberately underemphasized here.  Also, I think the posed issue here is that typical children cannot get enough nutrition from what they are given to eat.  I don't believe that is true, and such a claim is kind of odd from a domain, naturopathy in all its oddity, that claims so often 'let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.'

"she developed VacciShield, the first-ever nutritional support for babies and kids during vaccinations [...] a blend of non-dairy probiotics, vitamins, minerals and an amino acid and it's backed by current research showing how the ingredients in VacciShield support health during vaccinations [...]";

here's where she lists the research (here).  Now, regular pediatrician's don't, as far as I know, recommend any of these supplements during vaccination.  I think the vaccines are already potentized for best effect, and safer than ever.  Perhaps, therein, the ND's nutritional supplementation recommendation is not necessary, at best.  So much supplementation is just creation of expensive urine, as they say.  After all, her web page warns "these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases."  Ah, the slippery-slimy world of 'you need this for that but I can't say anything about that which that this can greatly help with...and here's the shipping and handling cost for this highly effective not-known-exactly-what-it-effects product.'

"I researched.  I examined everything.  I read books and magazines, case studies and clinical trials. I attended talks, lectures, and seminars [...]";

ah, thoroughness.  An interesting position from an ND of a school that claims that the patently science-exterior passes scientific muster.  But, keep in mind with this treatment, that no apparent rigorous trial has been done comparing the outcomes of children who took and didn't take this product.

'now there is obviously a lot of controversy surrounding the pros and cons of vaccination. Opinions range [...]";

actually scientific opinions are quite of the preponderance that vaccines are highly safe and effective...just the way they are for the general population.

'the consensus on all sides, however, is that if you choose to vaccinate there can be unwanted side effects.  To name just a few, there can be flu-like symptoms, moodiness is common and there is always some amount of inflammation [...]";

well, there is potential for 'side effects' from a glass of water too, but that is separate from harm-that's-lasting, I believe being implied here.  Inflammation of WHAT, always?  The injection site?  Where else?  Hmmmm.

"what surprised me was the large amount of research into the effect of nutrition on vaccine outcomes. There’s all kinds of good stuff that will help a body prepare for and process a vaccine";

perhaps the body of a healthy child with a healthy diet already has all it needs for this to occur.  And here's me thinking a little more analytically than perhaps the ND would like: vaccines are very-much used world-wide.  This includes places of impoverishment and malnutrition.  I am not aware, but I am willing to be informed of any known studies regarding if such exist, dramatic differences in vaccination 'side-effects' between well-nourished say 'first-world' pediatric populations and 'third-world' similar populations.  I would think that we'd have a lot more known population differences in that regard in all these decades after the implementation of vaccinations world-wide.

overall note:  I wonder here about exaggeration, if we are being quite oversold on a 'supplementation is necessary' naturopathic position while simultaneously a potential for harm from vaccination is posed as certain [to some extent, if even transitory].

002. perhaps:

such experts on vaccination as Dr. Paul Offit (also here), whom I've seen speak live at NECSS a couple of years ago, can comment on this ND's product claims of 'side-effect prophylaxis' [while unclaimed, ironically] and her interpretations of supposed vaccine risk [I've forwarded the mothering.com link].
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