Friday, May 18, 2012

Vancouver Sun's Fake 'Fake Medicine / Homeopathy Controversy' and the Unspoken Controversy

here, I cite from a new video up at the Vancouver Sun regarding homeopathy: 

001. the Vancouver Sun states in "Video: The Homeopathic Medicine Controversy" (2012-05-18) [vsc 201205-18; not embeddable as a link]:

"[as reported by Wendy Nordvik-Carr in the description] the Sun's food and science reporter Randy Shore takes a look at the controversial practice of homeopathic medicine [ reported by Randy Shore from the video] a homeopath practices an alternative form of medicine based on a holistic understanding of the patient [...] it's most basic principle is that the body can heal itself [wow, how unique to homeopathy!...] by exposure to the same substances that make you ill [...] the BC Society of Homeopaths is petitioning the government to become a self-regulating health profession [...] homeopaths often treat long-term health issues [...] the solutions are so dilute that only a trace of the original substance is left in the remedy [actually, even less than that...] science is not on the side of the homeopaths [...] the British Government considers homeopathic cures to be placebos and so do most of the reputable studies in scientific journals."

Note: so, homeopathy is nonsense, plain and simple.

002. where's the controversy?

fake medicine purveyors being granted provincial protection with a false veneer of professionalism is the actual controversy here: the licensure of falsehood.

And there's not much more 'fake' than homeopathy out there as a supposed 'practice of medicine'.  The holistic and homeopathic ruse.

And for a supposed science writer, why does Shore seem so...uninterested in, primarily, reporting SCIENTIFICALLY?

His videos are a little creepy actually, like a mugger is chasing me through a city park kind of creepy.
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