Saturday, June 2, 2012

Naturopathy in Botswana: A Recent Definition

here, I cite from an 2012 African naturopath's article regarding the definition of naturopathy [see 001., below]:

001. naturopath Tebogo Bagopi-Van Nieuwenhuizen writes in "Naturopathy: The Holistic Approach to Health and Disease" (2012-06-01)[vsc 2012-06-02; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"naturopathy is based on the belief that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself. Naturopaths say their medicine is guided by principles rather than methods and that a special energy - vital energy or vital force - guides the body's processes [...]";

so, there you go, vitalism-at-naturopathy's-core.  It is naturopathy's DNA.

"the West, with their well-developed systems have experienced allopathic medicine at its peak [...]";

and there you go with the false labeling of modern medicine as allopathy, a name that the homeopathy founder Hahnemann created for the dominant-medicine-of-his-time, that heroic medicine so famous for bleeding George Washington likely to death [prescientific medicine].

 "naturopathy recognizes and understands the body and mind function and their regulatory mechanism that maintains homeostasis or the correction of imbalances in the body [...] both pathophysiology and naturopathic methods are applied in understanding the nature of a disease [...]";

yes, "understands" by inventing a fabrication called a 'vital force' instead of using the actual knowledge that modern science provides, for which 'vital force' is merely a place-filler.

"naturopathy provides and supports this mechanism [...] humanity is the expression of life enlivened with the life force. Life force is the creator of physical and emotional nature and rules all the activities.  This includes food, air, water and the mind, making a human being [...] the ability to absorb and use universal energy strengthens our true nature, energies and our being. It can prevent and cure ailments [...] acupuncture is another method used by naturopaths.  Acupuncture works to balance the body's energy by unblocking the tension in certain parts that impair blood flow.  The theory of yin and yang is the fundamental concept of Chinese medicine [...] these are the natural laws that maintain nature as well as human nature";

ye grand old prescientific superstition LAWFULNESS.

"the author is a naturopathic doctor."

yes, he says he is.

Note: so, though repeated on this blog perhaps weekly, it must be said again, the fundamental basis of naturopathy is a science-ejected figmentation known as vitalism.  It is as actual as the Tooth Fairy.  They talk about it as if it were true, but when figmentation and truth are conflated, I really distrust any claims that come from such a muddle.

appendage (2012-06-09): a very critical response, from " [...or] Facebook group [...] 'Consumer Watchdog Botswana'", at the same online web site, followed the above ND's article several days later, stating such things as:

"in Mmegi last Friday an 'naturopathic doctor' wrote a piece entitled 'Naturopathy: The Holistic Approach to Health and Disease' which included a variety of observations, suggestions and claims [...there are] claims made in the article that, shall we say diplomatically, are patently false. For instance the article claimed that 'a special energy - vital energy or vital force - guides the body's processes'. What evidence is there for this mythical 'force'? None [...] the author claims that 'acupuncture is an effective tool for pain as well as increasing energy in the body' [...] I have to ask where the evidence to support this claim can be found? In fact ALL the scientific evidence on acupuncture shows that it's effects are no better than an equivalent placebo. In other worlds acupuncture is a sham and bogus treatment that offers no provable benefits at all [...] the naturopath in Mmegi discussed 'the modern lifestyle that comes with diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other ailments' as if to say that modern life caused these problems. What modern life and the benefits of modern science and medicine have given us is a life-expectancy and quality of health that our great grandparents would have dreamed of. Denying this is false testimony".
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