Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ND Hart: Homeopathy for "Summer Allergies, Colds" and 'Family History by Iridology'

here, I cite from a page at abclocal.go.com absurdly promoting naturopathy's homeopathy / magic beans / unicorn tears to treat actual illnesses [see 001., below]:

001. abclocal.go.com [apparently the WLS-TV Chicago, IL affiliate] writes in "Natural Remedies to Fight Summer Allergies, Colds" [vsc 2012-06-18]:

"Dr. Melody Hart, who joined us in-studio, has a doctorate of naturopathy from Midwest University. She is board certified with the American Naturopathic Medical Association and National Naturopathic Council [...]";

hmmmm.  What the AANP NDs often call an "un" ND.  I've never heard of Midwest University.  Their homepage states: "Midwest Naturopathic College is a cultural college based on Native American herbs and healing traditions [huh?]. Midwest offers a 4 year course of study in naturopathic education and transpersonal psychology.  Several other certification courses are also offered including reflexology, herbology, homeopathy, iridology and lymphatic drainage."  It seems to be in Illinois, and obviously it is quite woo-ful but no more so than any of the AANP type contents, in actuality.  Now, on her bio page, ND Hart states:  "Dr. Parveen Varma M.D., Medical Director, Dr. Melody Hart N.D., Ph.D. Doctorate of Naturopathy '97 Midwest University."  So, I guess you can say she is supervised in practice.  I guess the PhD is of similar caliber to the ND.  Iridology is practiced there, and we are told: "iridology is reflexology of the eye. An iridologist is able to see toxicity or degeneration in the different organs of the body, and most importantly, digestive disorders. The iris is a map of the body, enabling the Iridologist to see if there are acute to degenerative conditions in the organs or systems of the body, and to also detect if there are toxins, weaknesses or challenges in the colon, liver, kidneys and other organs. Iridologists can see four generations back in the eye."  Can you say 'bullsh*t'.  I've never heard of iridology as a means of determining past generation's history.

"knowing the difference between cold, flu and allergies: cold symptoms [etc...] flu symptoms [etc....] allergy symptoms [etc.]";

here's where the ND lectures us on pathology.

"tips/ treatment options [...includes] homeopathic remedies: to help with your cold symptoms, try a homeopathic remedy that contains only natural ingredients and minerals [...e.g.] Engystol homeopathic [made by Heel]";

and here is where magic beans and unicorn tears are recommended for treatment of illness.  Some people may argue that there are 'real NDs' like at Illinois's NUHS.  But, there, also, you will find such homeopathy bunkum egregiously mislabeled "science.'
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