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Changelog 2012-07-01 and ND Video:

here, I summarize this week's additions to my public naturopathy database. I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

001. added:

the vitalism of:

ND Ingram and ND Shortt;
ND Jobanputra; ND Jiwani; ND Jenkins;
[and added bio. links];

ND Gryner; ND Gratton;

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:

Carlson, M. (ND Bastyr), Carlson, J.L. (ND Bastyr), Shah, S. (ND Bastyr) of Radiant Naturopathic Wellness Center [for bio.s, click here] state in "Radiant Naturopathic Wellness Clinic in Redmond, WA" [vsc 2012-06-30]:

tags: #highethicalstandards #underlyingcause #promisedprevention
#promisedcontrol #highestqualityhealthcare
"[the video states, within my comments in unquoted bold] are you ready to join a fast growing population of people who are ready to take control of their health and improve their quality of life through preventive and natural medicine? [...]";

ah, so these are the marketing terms, 'preventative' and of course, 'natural.'  There is a promise of "control" and 'improvement.'

"Radiant Naturopathic Wellness Clinic [...] provides personalized healthcare solutions that you can trust [...]";

interesting, I'm told by them that I can trust them.

"we specialize in using medicine preventatively to impact and slow disease states by discovering and targeting their underlying cause [...]";

oh, that insinuation again, that unlike regular medicine naturopathy knows something MORE FUNDAMENTAL.

"preventing expensive hospital visits and emergency care, and increases your overall quality of life and the time you get to do the things you love [...]";

quite a promise.

"our doctors act as educators, guides, and advocates for you [...] and strive to deliver you the highest quality healthcare [...] while maintaining the highest level of ethical standards and integrity [...]";

again, quite a promise.

"some of the health concerns we can treat are: Low Back and Muscle/Joint Pain, Diabetes and Endocrine and Thyroid Disorders, Asthma, Allergies, and Respiratory Conditions, Colds, Flus and Acute Infections, Ear Infections and Sinusitis, IBS, IBD, GERD and other Intestinal Conditions, Menopause, PMS, and Hormone Imbalances, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Heart/Vascular Disease, Migraine, TMJ and Neck Pain,  Anxiety and Depression, Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Obesity, PCOS, and Infertility, Urinary and Vaginal Infection, Adjunct Cancer Care [...]";

sounds like general medicine to me.

"so come visit us today at [...]";

so lets go there.

002.b. their web pages:

002.b1. the bio. [from the link above] of ND Shah states:

"my name is Dr. Sheetal Shah, I am a licensed naturopathic physician in the state of Washington [...] I discovered Bastyr University. Bastyr University is a pioneer institution in the natural medicine field [...] the field of health sciences [...] my 5 years of doctoral studies [...] education: doctor of naturopathic medicine (ND) from Bastyr University of Health Sciences [...] I use many different modalities such as [...] craniosacral therapy [CST...having a] Certificate in Advanced CranioSacral therapy with Integrative Therapeutics (ITI) and the Upledger Institute [...]";

oh, that beautiful science label upon naturopathy, and that so absurd CST.

002.b2. the bio. of ND Carlson, J.L. states:

"Dr. Jean Lowe Carlson is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Washington [...] she has been intricately studying how the body interacts with the mind/spirit/emotions and assists patients to explore these connections through craniosacral therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and homeopathy [...] education: doctorate in naturopathic medicine Bastyr University, Kenmore WA [...] Certificate in Advanced Homeopathy, New England School of Homeopathy, Amherst MA [...]  Certificate in Advanced CranioSacral Technique with Faith Christensen, Seattle WA [...]";

ah, again CST and HOMEOPATHY.

002.b3. the bio. of ND Carlson, M. states:

"Dr. Matt Carlson [...] believes strongly in working together with each patient to develop a functional treatment plan that utilizes least-force interventions while drawing from all available evidence based options [...] doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine: Bastyr University, Kenmore WA • Masters of Science in Acupuncture  Bastyr University, Kenmore WA [...]";

therein, the claim of evidence and the claim that acupuncture is science.

002.c. in "Frequently Asked Questions" [saved 2012-06-30] were told: 

"what is craniosacral therapy? [...] the therapist uses very light touch to palpate restrictions in the fascia of the body and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as it moves through the cranium and spine. Fascial restrictions and altered CSF flow are often the result of physical and emotional traumas, or chronic stress. The practitioner senses and gently releases any restrictions while working on the patient. This results in increased 'qi' or energy flow through the body which can cause deep relaxation, reduction in pain, improvement in structural alignment, as well as increased blood flow to organs and tissues. Craniosacral is helpful for recent or past physical and emotional traumas, musculoskeletal pain, headaches, TMJ, and stress induced complaints."

when you are lying on your back and someone is holding your head in their hands...are we really to believe that something PARTICULAR is happening along the lines that are explained above?  I mean, REALLY? It figures that this version of laying on of hands has to invoke the figmentation known as qi.  There is quite an egregious claim of efficacy here.

Note: meanwhile, though the NDs at this practice posed a posture of  "control [...] trust [...] educators, guides, and advocates for you [...] highest quality healthcare [...] highest level of ethical standards and integrity [...] science" what people get, in part, is nonsense therapeutics like homeopathy and craniosacral therapy posed as effective [and not honestly communicated to be the science-ejected parlor tricks that they truly are].  

likely the greatest ethical breach is, overall, labeling 'the naturopathic' science and then, when you dig down and literally go down the trunk of the naturopathy tree to its essence, you find [quite undisclosed, of course] pseudoscience, wherein imaginary figmentations are falsely labeled scientifically supported.
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