Friday, July 13, 2012

Revealed: ND Runbeck Got $105,000 A Year to Head Arizona's ND "Public Safety Agency"

here, I cite from a recent piece at Arizona's The Republic regarding that State's naturopathy regulatory board drama [see 001., below]; and then, IRONICALLY, I wish I too could be paid six-figures a year to regulate nonsense [see 002., below]:

001. Yvonne Wingett Sanchez reports in "Arizona Naturopathic Board Head Clashes with Members, Resigns" [vsc 2012-07-13]:

"[ND Runbeck] the longtime executive director of the state board responsible for licensing about 700 naturopathic doctors abruptly resigned effective today [...a] $105,000-a-year post [...]";

there's gold in them there regulatories!

"he sped up his departure [...] after becoming aware of 'background conversations' by some board members to 'take over' the board [...and] that some board members may have repeatedly violated the state Open Meeting Law [...saying] 'I cannot in good conscience continue to serve' [...]"; 

it's always interesting to see the ND / NMD crowd go at each other.  Ironically, I LEFT NATUROPATHY due to my conscience, way back in 2002.   And to this day, I do not regret the decision in terms of ETHICS and what I learned in those four years and subsequent is why this blog exists: to illuminate what is unconscionable. 

"since January, Gov. Jan Brewer has appointed four people to the seven-member Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board. E-mails show Runbeck believes the governor's appointments of 'inexperienced' members is a disservice to the board and public [...]"; 

I'll talk more about how this licensed falsehood OVERALL is the key issue when it comes to disservice. 

Note: here's a copy of  the resignation letter [vsc 2012-07-13] which is written under the Seal of the State of Arizona.  Yes, the State endorses naturopathy with its seal and its '.gov' web address.  In part, it states:

"the Board has been warned by me and by Assistant Attorney General Monty Lee that communicating with one another outside of a properly agendized and noticed meeting about Board business is illegal. In addition these actions undermine confidence in us as a public safety agency."

ah, a CABAL!!! So, I've learned two things from this piece: there's BIG MONEY in State regulatory board positions and perhaps the ND / NMD board in Arizona will be mildly reprimanded.

002. and now for the big, overall, naturopathillogical:

002.a. it doesn't take much effort to get to the HEART of the naturopaTHICK:

ND Runbeck is an SCNM graduate [according to the video in 003., below], which is a school in Arizona.  And, I find SCNM's web pages very VERY enlightening.  Here's naturopathy's MO in a nutshell: claiming science (my compilation of naturopathy's 'science' marketing and academic label) upon what is patently not science (my compilation of the primary naturopathic vitalistic tenet {though there is much more in terms of what they DO yet to be documented; with all due respect to the departed}).  There you go: calling something which it is not.  In other words: all things are equal, science is the same as nonscience in terms of knowledge labels, nonsensical clinical diagnostics are the same as what science truly supports.

Note: you HAVE to wonder about ETHICS in all this.  How is it that the President and CEO of SCNM has no problem with applied kinesiology [though it is so bunk] while his school puts a broad label upon the naturopathic as a 'branch of medical science'?  Boggles the mind.

003. here is a 2009 video [the embedded link below is the same video at Youtube] with ND Runbeck in it, speaking of ethics -- and the FOUNDER of SCNM, ND Cronin [an NCNM graduate], whom I'd seen live in the mid 1990s and whose presentation in Stamford, CT then was a deciding factor in my going to ND school -- and I find the video's contents, in light of what truly is 'the essentially naturopathic', to be quite ironic:
tags: #posedfiduciaryduty #NDRunbeck #NDCronin
"[...ND Cronin, President of the AANP board, interviews ND Runbeck.  ND Cronin asks] 'what advice you would give to practitioners to say out of trouble and stay on the good side of the law?' [...ND Runbeck says things like] 'maintaining documentation on their continuing medical education [...and charting / SOAP] records [] follow the train of thought [...or that is] unprofessional conduct [...] a doctor has a certain position of privileged in our society.  We hold them to a high standard. We expect that individual to hold the highest ethical qualities [ marketing] the consumer needs to be able to make an informed choice [...] the players [in commerce] are on an equal field.  Well that doesn't exist with a physician and a patient [because the relationship is fiduciary...] it's of special importance in the regulatory arena for physicians that you not take advantage of that [influence...] if someone files a complaint against you, if someone feels that you have acted unethically [...] if you always treat your patients like they're number one [...] the golden rule' [...]";

the IRONY is killing me.  Of course, if naturopaths stayed up to date with what is and isn't SCIENCE, their 'essentially naturopathic' stuff would evaporate.  And speaking of trains of thought, isn't falsely labeling what isn't science science quite the derailed thought train?  For the life of me, I can't see how professional conduct happens from an initial position that is of a foundation of falsehood [like ND Cronin's so excellent alma mater page].  How is nonsense, absurdity, and irrationality a basis for a) a profession and b) "highest ethical qualities" [and how is this public safety]?  How can fiduciary duty happen?  I truly believe huge advantage has been taken, that naturopathy is fake and unethical, and here we see how the foxes govern their own behavior as they watch the hen-house.

the Arizona Board's motto is "protecting the public's health."  But, what I see more than anything else, is naturopathy protecting itself.
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